How Does Club Fitting Work?

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Some things in life are “one size fits all” – such as water bottles or watches made with notches for wrist size. Golf clubs, however, shouldn’t be “one size fits all,” because players have a wider range of heights, weights, strengths, and capabilities that shouldn’t be confined to just one golf club. 

Over the past decade, club fitting locations have popped up around the globe as players have understood the tremendous effect of a well-fitted club. True Spec Golf, however, is regarded as the worldwide leader in club fitting for players of all backgrounds and expertise levels: from first-time golfers to PGA pros. With 20 studios globally, we have revolutionized the club fitting process to create a tailor made, one-of-a-kind club for each of our customers. 

How does club fitting work?

Our club fitting process differs from other fitting studios because we stock more than 30,000 combinations of club heads and shafts. Each head and shaft comes from a reputable brand, made only with premium materials. 

While brand matters when we choose which materials to outsource, we take a brand-agnostic approach to the fitting process. This means the likelihood that your club’s shaft and head will be from different brands is possible, because we fit both based on your exact specifications. 

One of our certified and experienced fitters will sit down with you and get a sense for your needs. They know what they’re doing, we promise — many of our fitters have worked with PGA professionals and measured their improvements. We start with data. Employing technology such as high-speed cameras and other monitor capabilities, we’ll first see how your current club set is helping (or hurting) you. This is done by monitoring your swings on each club in your set. 

Your fitter will then begin pairing different customizations of heads and shafts based on the data they uncover. You’ll try a number of variations with our launch monitor technology until the combination best for your performance and comfort is uncovered. We then give several recommendations based on this data: it’s up to you which head and shaft combination felt best to you.

In total, these fittings can take up to four hours, which is why they’re appointment-only. We invest this much time with each customer because we know you’ll invest far more than four hours on your new clubs — and accordingly, they need to fit you perfectly. However, there’s no pressure to purchase clubs on the day of the fitting. We’ll provide you with your exact specifications and the details of our recommendations.

To make your fitting appointment, view our list of locations to find a studio near you. 

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