Is True Spec Golf Right for Beginners?

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At True Spec, one of the most frequent questions our team is asked is, “Should I get a fitting if I’m a beginner?”  In short, the answer is: yes! But, it depends on what level of “beginner” you are. 

Understanding the Fitting Process

In our fitting process, we use state of the art technology to understand your swing and capabilities. These measurements directly reflect into our recommendation on your club’s head and shaft: what brand we will use and the size of each. In order to understand your swing, it’s important that your swing is somewhat consistent. If you’re brand new to golfing and coming in to get a fitting before your first time ever on the green, it’s more than likely that your swing will have minimal consistency, making it challenging to create a sustainable fitting recommendation.

That said, we’ve fit players of all backgrounds and capabilities…. Even players with handicaps of over 36! Deciding to get fit is a personal decision, and many players opt out because they worry their swing isn’t consistent. From our years of experience in measuring swings, we’ve found that swings are usually more consistent than the player believes. There are other variables that may create the illusion that your swing isn’t consistent, and we can determine the full extent of these variables in-house with our cameras and swing technology.

If you’re a “beginner” but you’ve still have a few days on the green under your belt, come on in and together, we’ll determine whether or not your swing is consistent enough to benefit from a fitting. We like to say that if you consistently make contact with the ball and can get it off the ground, you’re probably in good shape. If we collectively determine that your swing is not quite there yet, you won’t be charged for the fitting. 

How The Fitting Process Can Be Helpful

However, there are a number of reasons that fitting can be a great choice for beginners. Some reasons include: 

  • A properly fitted club can help solidify a proper swing technique, because it’s perfectly fitted to your unique swing, measurements, strength, etc.
  • Once you know the club is only helping your game, the focus can be on learning how to utilize the club for the best swing. In other words, you’re as well positioned for performance success as you can be, because your club is already ready to go.
  • The fitting process itself will often include some swing tips from our expertly certified team. Think of it as a built-in golf lesson.

True Spec Golf’s fitting process is foolproof for players of all backgrounds, from novice to PGA champion. We’re excited to help you grow in your game, and to make sure you have the proper club to do so! Find a True Spec Golf location near you, schedule a fitting, and meet with one of our in-house fitting experts to determine if now is the right time to get a custom club.

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