Is Getting Fit for Golf Clubs Worth It?

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Many golfers who are serious about improving their game decide to invest in a club fitting. Done with a professional fitter and golf radar technology, fittings at True Spec Golf determine the shortcomings of a player’s current club and what changes can be made to improve their swing. 

Getting fit for golf clubs has been reported to serve players of all skill levels. From tour professionals to players with handicaps of 36 and up, novices and experts alike enjoy the bolster in performance that a fitting provides to their golf game. In addition to their testimonies, the following reasons list why getting fit for golf clubs can be worth it for most players. 

1. It helps players understand their swing. 

Our fitters utilize state-of-the-art technology in-house that tracks players’ swings and the subtlest shifts that occur when a club’s specifications change. Many players state that this helps them to understand their swings better. 

For example: some players may have a ‘negative attack angle,’ and some may have a ‘positive attack angle.’ An attack angle refers to the vertical angle at which a club is moving when it makes impact with a ball. 

A negative attack angle strikes downward, and a positive attack angle strikes upward. This can help a player understand if they’ll  benefit more from an iron or a driver for certain swings.

2. A properly fitted club can benefit a player’s performance on the course. 

The first step of getting fitted for a club at True Spec Golf is to determine the inadequacies of the player’s current set of clubs. When the fitting process begins, the tracking technology is used to measure how the current clubs perform. This serves as a ‘baseline,’ and as the player tests other clubs, improvement in key indicators such as speed, control, and distance are investigated.

Once these improvements are consistently tracked in the fitting, the fitter can make a sound recommendation for a new set of clubs. Players notice a tremendous improvement in their game once they get back out on the course with their new clubs.

3. Fittings can supplement a swing where it’s lacking.

Similar to the previous point, many players go into fittings with specific performance goals in mind. Some players crave more speed from their swing, others crave more control. Fittings can help players achieve these key performance indicators, because certain clubs are engineered for certain outcomes. Each player will review these goals prior to the fitting in the pre-fitting interview.

Because of these reasons, players of all backgrounds find club fittings to be worth it for their game, their performance on the course, and their enjoyment in using their clubs.

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