Can Ladies Be Fit at True Spec Golf?

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True Spec Golf is an industry leader in custom club fittings for golfers of all ages and backgrounds. Anyone who enjoys golf and is hoping to improve in their performance is welcome to come in for a fitting, which includes women. We welcome all genders and ages in our approach to fitting, and stick to the script in our time-tested fitting process that guarantees performance improvement and an accurate club match. 

This allows our fitters to make a recommendation based on a player’s performance within the fitting. This highly-customized, 1:1 fitting process mirrors the high level of customization and attention to detail in our custom-forged clubs. Don’t be nervous, though ─ we assist players of all handicap levels, from novices to tour professionals. If you’ve played a few rounds of golf, your swing is likely to be more consistent than you think. 

The Pre-Fitting Survey Helps to Establish Objectives

Before every fitting, the player is asked to fill out a pre-fitting survey. This will be a reflection opportunity for the player to consider how they would like to grow in their game. Use this space to list any concerns, as well. Once at the appointment, the responses to the survey questions will be reviewed amongst the player and the fitter. 

Establishing objectives for the fitting is of paramount importance, as every player has different objectives. We can fit players for speed, distance, control, feel, playability, and more. Naturally, we will find the club that best suits a player’s particular swing. But, with over 35,000 potential combinations from top-tier golf brands, we also have the freedom to fit for ideal features. 

 What does the True Spec Golf Fitting process entail?

Once the survey has been reviewed, the fun can begin! First, we will utilize our in-house technology to track a player’s swing with their current equipment. This includes the Trackman, which tracks 21 key measurements regarding the swing’s impact and the ball’s flight conditions. Tracking a player’s swing with their current equipment establishes a baseline. Then, rooted in the survey’s objectives and the fitter’s initial recommendation, several club variations will be tested. Each option is reviewed thoroughly with the technology to look for changes in performance. 

This trial-and-error continues until there’s a notable improvement in performance and both the fitter and player are pleased with the results. If the player decides to move forward with a purchase, the notes are sent to our warehouse, where the club is built with the tightest tolerances in the industry. 

If you are hoping to see measurable improvement in your swing and therefore your game, schedule a fitting at a True Spec Golf location near you. 

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