Can True Spec Golf Fit Juniors?

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At True Spec Golf, our choices offer over 35,000 potential combinations guaranteed to fit golfers of all backgrounds and experience levels. Included within the ‘novice’ experience level is, indeed, juniors! Younger golfers can also benefit from a club fitting, especially if they’re joining a golfing club, sport at school or at camp. A fitting guarantees that they have the best possible equipment to grow in their swing and their performance, and is therefore recommended, regardless of age or previous experience level. 

In fact, there is no handicap level too high for a fitting. We’ve found that most players have more consistency from swing to swing than they may initially think. As long as you or your junior can get the ball into the air consistently, they can benefit from a fitting.

The True Spec Golf Fitting Experience

Juniors are fit for clubs through the same process as adult players. The True Spec Golf fitting experience includes the following steps. 

1. Each player is sent a pre-fitting survey, which is created to provide a basis of understanding regarding goals. This survey includes questions that will help a player assess their current performance, their current setbacks, and what they hope to gain from a fitting. 

2. This survey is reviewed between the player and their fitter during the fitting appointment. Each of our fitters are highly experienced and knowledgeable about all of the heads and shafts in the True Spec Golf arsenal. 

3. The first step of the fitting is to determine the baseline performance. Using a player’s current clubs, our fitters utilize in-house technology to track swing and impact. Based on what the fitter observes, a few club options will be recommended.

4. Then, this baseline data is compared with the other recommendations. The fitter will look for both subtle and glaring differences between the clubs, adjusting as necessary until the top recommended club has been decided on. All data is given to the player to assess on their own. 

No player is obligated to make a purchase after their fitting, so anyone is more than welcome to come in for a fitting appointment then make a decision at a later date, or forego club purchasing altogether for the time being. At the very least, a fitting helps to clarify the major areas for improvement in a swing and in a club. 

Setting Up a Fitting

True Spec Golf has both studio and mobile locations across North America, Asia, and Europe. Find the location nearest you at our Locations tab. Scheduling is available online, through the big orange button in the top right hand corner that says, “Schedule now.” This form will prompt you to select your location and additional information. For further questions regarding your fitting, you can contact the studio nearest you through their contact information, all of which is available on the Locations page.

No matter your age or background, a fitting can bolster your performance on the course. Bet on yourself and your future golf endeavors! 

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