Srixon SX4

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8 clubs’s Take: Hollow-body irons are gaining popularity, thanks to a slew of new innovations that have made them more streamlined, compact and attractive to better players. That’s exactly what the ZX4s represent — a hollow-body iron that comes with added forgiveness yet delivering the feel and versatility of a forged blade. “Srixon really nailed it with this one,” chimed one of our testers. “These irons have a consistent feel, performance and a great sound.”

The Details: A midsize, hollow-body iron paired with a forged-steel face insert, the ZX4 also features Srixon’s new MainFrame technology, milled on the back of the clubface in a variable face thickness pattern. The net effect is a higher COR for improved ball speed and distance. Additional features include a V.T. sole for smoother turf interaction.

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