Titleist TSR Drivers Performance

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When the Titleist drivers first made their debut on the market, we knew we had to give them a try. The Titleist TSR2 brings up quite a few questions. We were curious to see what Titleist has worked on, how they could be better than the TSi series, and who these drivers are for. Titleist has released the TSR2, TSR3, and TSR4. Here is what we found when we put them to the test. 


Titleist TSR Drivers Features and Benefits 

The Titleist TSR drivers have some important features and benefits worth noting. Golfers should know that these drivers use metals that even NASA uses, and they are specific to Titleist golf drivers. In addition, there is some new variable face thickness and a focus on not just distance 

but a straight ball flight. Here is what we discovered which each of the models we tested. 


TSR2 Driver 

The Titleist TSR2 will replace the TSi3 driver, designed to be the most forgiving of the three new releases. With the TSR2, the club head is a bit draw bias, so you can expect some extra forgiveness if you put a left-to-right spin on the ball. 


One of the major benefits we noticed when testing the TSR2 was that it does not look draw bias, sets up very square, and has hidden forgiveness. 


TSR3 Driver

The Titleist TSR3 driver is designed to be adjustable, have high ball speeds, and help players look for distance and control. This is the model that the majority of average golfers are going to go after. 


With the TSR3, you won’t notice very many changes in the driver’s overall look, but expect changes when it comes to the total distance, launch, and forgiveness. The club is highly adjustable and launches higher than the TSi driver. Overall spin rates and total carry distances were impressive. 


TSR4 Driver 

The Titleist TSR4 golf driver is smaller than the TSR2 and TSR3. It helps more accurate players pick up more ball and clubhead speed because of the aerodynamic features. The only thing to watch for on the TSR4 is a bit less forgiveness. 


With the TSR4 in your hands, you will have an impressive overall launch, impressive spin rates, and a great feel. This would be a model better suited for the lower handicap golfers. 



Hopefully, you have a better idea of what these Titleist golf drivers offer. After testing them, we can honestly say there is great performance in all three. Each of these fine tunes their benefits to work for a specific player, and you can use the Titleist driver selector tool to see which works for you. True Spec locations have all of the Titleist TSR drivers in stock, with several shaft options to test them with. If you think this Titleist golf driver could be the best fit for your game and you are ready to make the switch this year, come see us and give it a try. 



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