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Fujikura Ventus TR Red

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The Fujikura TR Blue has been in the True Spec product matrix for some time, but the new Fujikura Ventus TR Red was added to the mix just recently. The Fujikura Ventus Red is a wood and driver shaft that will help players trying to control spin and launch more than the original Fujikura Ventus Red could. It’s important to remember that the golf shaft is just as important as the release of a new golf club head on the market. After all, the shaft selection helps us get our club fitting matrix over 50,000 different combinations. 


Features and Benefits of Fujikura Ventus TR Red


The original Ventus Red golf shaft was one of the higher spinning and launching golf shafts that Fujikura had to offer. High launch and high spin are not the best fit for all players, so a slight lowering of the spin and launch by increasing torsional stiffness was the plan for Fujikura with this latest release. 


What Are The Differences Between Venus Red vs. Ventus TR Red?


If you currently have the Fujikura Red in your golf clubs, the switch to the TR Red may make you question whether an upgrade is worth it. The significant difference here is the addition of the composite fabric in the handle section of the shaft. 


With the extra composite fabric in the handle, section players have more control over the launch without the club getting much heavier. 


Spin Characteristics of Fujikura Ventus TR

The launch of the Ventus TR Red shaft is a little higher. Golfers looking to increase carry distance and get the ball up a little higher for a longer period will benefit from this. The key to choosing the right shaft for your game is to test your swing characteristics with the launch monitor results to get your best fit. 


Who Is The Fujikura Ventus TR Red For? 

We know that the Fujikura Ventus TR Red does a great job of offering golfers mid-to-high launch and mid-spin, but you may be wondering if it will come in a weight or flex option that works for your game. There are options for regular, stiff, and extra stiff flexes in the TR Red. In addition, there are several weights within each of the flexes. 


The Fujikura Ventus TR Red is one of the most stable mid-launch shafts at impact. If you like Tour-level feedback and control you can feel in your hands, this one is worth trying at your next True Spec fitting. 




Fujikura won’t make a change to a shaft unless they find that it will help improve overall performance for a majority of players. If you are serious about taking your game to the next level, a True Spec fitting allowing you to test shafts for your woods will help make things considerably easier. The Fujikura TR Red is an option available to almost any player with a good understanding of their launch and spin-related needs. 


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