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Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metals: New to True Spec Lineup

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We are excited to get our hands on the new Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal irons. This Hot Metal series has been a strong seller for Mizuno. The Hot Metal clubs are allowing amateur golfers the ability to play with something that feels like a Mizuno but performs like any other game-improvement golf iron. Let’s take a look at what you can expect with these Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metals and which one may suit your game. 


Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal Series

The Hot Metal irons in the JPX 923 series consist of the standard Hot Metal, the Hot Metal Pro, and the Hot Metal HL. All three have a similar look to them, and they were designed with the new Nickel Chromoly material. 


The material is there to help create a stronger club head with a thinner clubface. 


JPX 923 Hot Metal 

The Hot Metal is the standard model built for the mid handicapper looking for more forgiveness without sacrificing feel. The club has a bit less vibration at impact than we saw with the JPX 921. The seamless cup face construction also allows for more workability than we see in a traditional cavity back. 


It’s important to get distance from an iron, but more important to be able to control that distance, and that was the goal with the JPX 923 Hot Metal. 


JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro

The Hot Metal Pro is more of a player’s version with a bit of a thinner and sleeker look. For golfers that are particular about that top-down view on their golf irons, this is going to be a more preferred club. 


The JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro won’t have quite as much forgiveness as the standard Hot Metal, but still more than a traditional Mizuno blade. 


JPX 923 Hot Metal HL 

The JPX 923 Hot Metal HL is the high launching cavity back that rounds out this set. The club is certainly geared towards the higher handicapper looking for a mix of distance and higher ball flight. One of the things to understand about the Hot Metal HL is the fact that even slower swing speed golfers can benefit from a club like this. 


The Hot Metal HL comes in the 5-SW, making it a perfect set to pair with some hybrids. Your True Spec Master fitting professional can help you put together the perfect set of JPX 923 Hot Metals. 


Final Thoughts

Make an appointment with your local True Spec to get started on a club fitting that includes the JPX 923 Hot Metals. With hundreds of shaft options to choose from, you won’t have any trouble finding the right match for your game. In addition, it can be beneficial to try all three sets of the new JPX irons at the same time. Comparing playability, distance, feel, and forgiveness leaves you with a better understanding of what you will get on the course. 


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