Tour Tweaks: Aaron Baddeley

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At True Spec, we can fit any golfer from a scratch player to a 30 handicap to a tour professional like Aaron Baddeley. One of the most interesting things about a fitting for a tour professional is their ability to strike the ball with such confidence and the full understanding of the changes in the equipment. Some of these pros can notice even just the slightest change in shaft weight or performance that it’s enjoyable for True Spec fitters to do these Tour Tweaks. Let’s take a more in-depth look as to what happened when Aaron Baddeley came in for a new golf driver fitting. 


Aaron Baddely: Current Driver and Issues Surrounding The Performance 

Currently, Baddeley is playing with the Callaway Mavrik Triple Diamond LS. This is a club he has had in the bag for more than 18 months, maybe even closer to two years. He felt the performance with this club was great at the time. However, as we know, technology changes. 


When conducting his initial interview, we discovered that there were a few things that Baddeley was looking for out of a new driver. These include: 


  • Improved Consistency 
  • A higher launch angle
  • Easier to draw
  • Update to newer technology taking advantage of what the market has to offer


Tour Tweaks Results 

Baddeley tested the new drivers on the market from Callaway, Cobra, TaylorMade, and Srixon. With True Spec being a brand-agnostic golf club fitting center, there was no pushing towards one brand over another. 


The club that performed the best was the Callaway Tour Rogue X LS Triple Diamond. This model is currently only available for tour players. However, over time Callaway sometimes releases this to amateur players as well. 


The key reasons why Baddely will be switching to this new driver include the following: 


  • Increased consistency and lower dispersion 
  • A higher launch angle
  • Easier to draw both physically and mentally for Baddeley 
  • Better feel
  • The improved start line in relationship to the target 


Aaron Baddeley True Spec Fitting Key Takeaways 

We learned a few things from this club fitting that any amateur player could also learn from. Professional golfers give us insight into equipment and the sport as they truly are the experts. Here are a few things that could help you in your next golf club fitting with True Spec. 


Higher Launch Angle Can Be Helpful


Golfers often worry about the launch angle getting too high, but for some, it’s too low. If the launch angle is not high enough, it can impact total carry distance. 


Head Weight Is An Important Consideration 


Aaron Baddeley was surprised to go down in head weight and increase consistency. Some of this happens with the combination of shaft and club head, but he can now keep the ball on the line a bit longer. 


Feel Is A Huge Consideration


At some point, the stats you get from a particular driver could all look very similar. However, with this specific Callaway driver, Aaron Baddeley felt as though he could go after the ball. This little bit of extra confidence helped to turn the ball over and get a more consistent draw pattern on his drives. 

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