Ping i230 Irons Added To The True Spec Matrix

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With more than 50,000 clubhead and shaft combinations, you might imagine that the True Spec fitting matrix is continually changing and improving. One of the worst situations for golfers scheduling a fitting is finding out the clubs you were excited to try are not available. With True Spec, that is rarely a problem you will encounter. Our latest irons included in the lineup are the new Ping i230 irons. The great thing about these Ping i230 irons is that they are already tour-proven; it’s hard to complain about that! 


Ping i230 Irons: What To Expect 

Ping is known for their iconic feel, and we have learned to almost count on that in the irons that they bring to the market. With the Ping i230 golf irons, you will also benefit from impressive control and distance. 


Micromax Grooves

The Ping i230 irons feature the MicroMax Groove technology that Ping uses in many of their other golf clubs. Micro Max grooves encourage better spin out of the rough and especially when the rough is wet. Having these grooves in place should increase playability and workability on your approach shots to the green. 


Increased MOI

The Ping i230 irons are clean looking with tour-proven performance that will work for the best players in the game. However, this is not to say that these great players would pass up tighter dispersion rates. The increased MOI and tighter dispersion mean that getting the ball to stop near the hole is more manageable, even when you miss the center of the face. 


Consistency In Long Irons

Golfers that use the Ping i230 irons still like to keep a few long irons in their bag. This is more of a players club, so expect to see it offered in the long iron lofts such as 3 iron and 4 iron. Ping worked hard to ensure more consistency and proper launch and spin rates in the long irons. 


Control In Short Irons 

The perfect set of golf irons is always a mix of what you can find in the long and in the short. With the Ping i230, the short irons are easily controlled, and they have tremendous spin even in wet conditions. Golfers will find that the club also makes it easier to work the ball and get the draw and fade spin you may be lacking in your current irons. 


Final Thoughts

The Ping i230 irons could very well be a fit for your golf game. The best way to tell is to head to your local True Spec and see what your results on the launch monitor look like with a Ping i230 in your hands. All True Spec locations offer a brand agnostic fitting. In other words, if the results show that Ping is not the best fit for you, there are other options that we can try. Shaft options for the Ping i230 are plentiful in both graphite and steel options. 


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