Should Women Use Women’s Golf Clubs?

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At True Spec, we are asked many questions about the golf clubs that players should be using based on their age, weight, handicap, and swing style. However, one of the most common questions that we get is whether or not women need to use women’s golf clubs. There are clubs on the market geared towards the woman golfer but is that the only selection that women players have. Let’s take a look at whether or not women golfers should be using women’s golf clubs. 

Should Women Use Women’s Golf Clubs?


The majority of women players will benefit from a woman’s golf club. This is typically because women players look for something that is lightweight, forgiving, and high launching. However, not all women players need to use women’s clubs. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should be considering when deciding between men’s or women’s golf clubs for your game. 


Swing Speed

Women golfers tend to have slower swing speeds than men golfers. However, this is not always the case. All women golfers should have their swing speed tested to make sure they fall within the range of an average female golfer. 


With a slower swing speed player, the graphite shafted women’s golf clubs are the best overall choice. However, with a faster swinging female player, the typical women’s golf shaft may be too lightweight or too flexible. 


There are options for heavier womens’ golf shafts or even a men’s golf shaft to help match the equipment to the swing speed. 


The length of a women’s golf club is another important consideration. The majority of clubs explicitly manufactured for women will be about one inch shorter than those made for men. For a female golfer that is considerably taller, a set of mens’ clubs could be a better fit. 


When hitting with a launch monitor, women golfers can determine the length of the club that gives them the best results. In addition to the left of the club, the flex will also need to be taken into consideration. 


Technology Differences 

Many golf companies make golf clubs specially designed for a woman player. However, other golf manufacturers simply put a women’s golf shaft into a men’s golf club head. If this is the case, women golfers should open their eyes to a wide range of equipment on the market. 


Golf companies do not make nearly the same number of club head styles for women as they do for men. With modern golf fitting technology, women can put a golf shaft that fits them in any club head on the market. 


The bottom line here is that women golfers can play with any clubs that fit their needs as a player. There are many choices for fast swinging women or low handicap women; the key is to get a fitting and get the right information about what is needed. Without a golf club fitting, players may try to make a golf club work when it is not the perfect fit. 


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