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The temperatures are starting to warm up in Denver, and golf courses are reopening. This is exciting for True Spec Denver as we can reopen our outdoor location at The Ridge at Castle Pines. With the summer season coming, Denver golfers that are ready for a new golf club, or want to make sure their equipment is the right for the season, can get out to True Spec and see the latest and greatest releases to the market. 


Where to go for a Denver club fitting? 

The True Spec golf fitting center at the Ridge at Castle Pines is open to the public by appointment. Simply contact the local center and set up a time for your golf fitting using the all new Foresight GC Quad. This is the most accurate and advanced launch monitor on the market. In addition, True Spec Denver has more than 50,000 club head and shaft combinations for players to choose from. 

Who needs club fitting in Denver? 

Denver residents are lucky to have a True Spec location so close to their hometown. However, ensuring that you need a golf fitting is the first step. Although we could argue that any player could benefit from a golf fitting, here are a few that will really find it to be worthwhile. 

New players

Brand new golfers have no idea what their strengths and weaknesses are. At a True Spec fitting, your master fitting professional will help you determine the clubs that you need, which ones will help you stay involved and interested in the game, and the right amount of money to invest in a beginner set. 

Golfers who are improving

If your handicap is dropping, chances are your clubs may need a few tweaks. As we get better and our golf games change, there are some important things that players should look for to help improve their games and lower their scores. 


Golfers who are aging 

As golfers get older, there are quite a few changes that can be made to equipment. These equipment changes can make it easier for players to get their distance back and to ensure that they are hitting the ball high and having it stop where it needs to. 


Older equipment upgrades

If your equipment is more than five years old, chances are you are missing out on a bit of technology. The older equipment makes it more difficult to achieve results, even though great players are able to do so. If you feel like you need a little help, a Denver club fitting can put you on the right track. 

Is the outdoor club fitting better in Denver? 

Denver golfers know that the altitude plays a big part in the way the ball flies. Having an outdoor golf fitting in Denver will help you really narrow down which clubs are working the best for your need. True Spec Denver has all of the best equipment for tall players, short golfers, and even lefties! Schedule your Denver club fitting today so that you are ready for the season. 

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