Club Fitting For The Tall Golfer

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Golf club fitting for the tall golfer is becoming more and more popular. Taller players are realizing the benefits of making sure that they have the right golf clubs in their hands at all times. If you are taller than 6’1” and have a hard time playing with standard golf clubs, you are in the right place. We will help you understand if club fitting for the tall golfer is necessary and how it will impact your overall performance on the golf course. 


Is Club Fitting Necessary For Tall Golfers? 


Club fitting is more important for tall golfers than it is for the average golfer. Golf clubs were not designed to be used by the majority of players over the 6’1” height. Of course, there are exceptions here, but most tall golfers need some custom modifications made to their golf clubs. 


With these customizations being available to all players and the way that they can help the game, there is no reason not to incorporate them. The modifications may be simple, but they can melt strokes off the score. 


Club fitting is necessary for both tall golfers and short golfers. 


What Tall Golfers Should Look For In A Club Fitting


One of the most important things for a tall golfer to look fr in a golf club fitting is access to equipment. It is very difficult for tall golfers to find clubs that are long enough for them to try if they go to a fitting that is not professional. 


Trying out a new iron is great, but when the shaft is an inch too short, the results that the golfer gets will not be accurate. When you have to spend hundreds of dollars on a set of clubs, but you are not even sure they will help your game, it can be a bit of a gamble.


With a golf club fitting like the one you get at TrueSpec, there are more than 50,000 combinations for club heads and shafts, and they can be put into a shaft length that is extended to accommodate the extra length that the golfer needs.  


Club fitting for tall golfers can get a bit tricky, and choosing a location that has a well trained master fitting professional running the fitting, will only help you in finding the right equipment. 


Where Should A Tall Golfer Get A Club Fitting? 


Tall golfers have lots of choices when it comes to a golf fitting; however, True Spec golf stands out as one of the best on the market. At True SPec golf, they use a golf club adapter called Club Conex to be able to attach almost any clubhead to any shaft. 


The result here is that tall golfers can try out how the club feels before they end up purchasing it. In addition, the True Spec launch monitors are one of the most accurate on the market and can provide some impressive stats and results. 


If you really want to know whether or not extended golf clubs will make a good choice for the tall golfer, a True Spec fitting will help. 

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