Cleveland RTX 6 Zipcore Tour Satin Wedges

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The Cleveland RTX 6 Zipcore Tour Satin Wedges have just been added to the True Spec matrix. With all of the new releases for 2023, we don’t see as many wedges come to market as we see woods and irons. Therefore a release like this RTX 6 is an important one. The RTX line from Cleveland has been developing for years, and the latest edition features new technology and some improvements from previous versions. 


Cleveland RTX 6 Zipcore Features and Benefits 

Cleveland has always done a great job with their Tour Zip Grooves. In the latest version of the Cleveland RTX 6 Zipcore, these grooves have been improved and updated to include the HydraZip technology. 


Maximum Spin Regardless of the Lie

Having the maximum amount of spin on a wedge shot is essential for control. With the RTX 6 Zip Core Wedges, Cleveland included dynamic blast media and laser patterns to help improve overall spin regardless of the conditions. 


This means when you are hitting out of the rough, the sand, or even a perfect lie from the center of the fairway, you should be able to get the ball to stop in place. 


For improving and planning those shorter shots around the green, the spin from the Zipcore wedge is really important. In addition, with the versatility of a wedge like this, expect it to spin for mid-to-high handicappers as well as low handicappers. 



The HydraZip grooves will help improve spin from both wet and dry conditions. Golf manufacturers have done a tremendous amount of research in the last few years and realized that grooves that don’t disperse water give up a lot of spin. 


Whether you enjoy a morning round of golf or won’t be pulled off the course in a rain storm, the HydraZip grooves will be there to back you up. 


Fine Tuned Grooves 

The amount of spin you need in a 60 degree wedge is not the same as what is necessary for a 46 degree wedge. Therefore it makes sense that Cleveland grouped these wedges and created specific laser patterns to improve overall consistency. The 46-48, 50-52, and 54-60 degree loft groupings make it easier for you to vary the performance on the course. 



The ZipCore name comes from the center of gravity technology incorporated into this line of wedges. The low-density core increases forgiveness and improves feel and control in the Cleveland RTX 6 wedges. 


Final Thoughts 

One of the most important features of the new Cleveland RTX 6 Zipcore Tour Satin Wedges is that there are options for everyone. You will likely see these in the bags of some professionals, but they have enough forgiveness to work for the mid-handicapper as well. The top-down look is clean, and the spin is the best we have seen from Cleveland. If you want to get your hands on the new Cleveland RTX 6 Zipcore, schedule your True Spec fitting today. 

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