Srixon MK II Irons: Added To The True Spec Matrix

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The Srixon MK II irons have just been added to the True Spec matrix, and we are excited about the number of options this will bring to golfers. Srixon released the MK II series in the ZX7, ZX5, ZX4, and ZX Utility. Each of these MK II irons has some unique characteristics with a focus on speed, feel, and consistency throughout the entire line. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the Srixon MK II irons. Don’t forget to schedule your True Spec golf fitting to try these clubs with a shaft that will work for your game. 


Srixon ZX7 MK II

The Srixon ZX7 MK II irons are designed for lower handicappers looking for maximum workability, an impressive feel, and a new Tour V.T. Sole to help improve the turf interaction. 


In the ZX7 irons, you will also benefit from the PureFrame technology that removes some of the unwanted vibrations at impact. The carbon steel is just slightly thicker in the body of the iron, creating this impressive soft yet solid strike. 


Groove technology is customized on the ZX7 so that the shorter irons have slightly higher spin than the longer irons, a combination all low handicap players will enjoy. 


Srixon ZX5 MK II

The Srixon ZX5 MK II irons are distance-enhancing golf iron with moderate forgiveness and mid-level ball flight. The ZX5 irons are designed to have plenty of flex at impact to improve overall distance. 


Srixon focused on their MainFrame technology here, a variable thickness pattern in the club’s grooves. The MainFrame moves some mass away from the face and the toe to promote a lower center of gravity. 


Srixon ZX4 MK II

The Srixon ZX4 MK II is the most forgiving in the new MK II lineup from Srixon. However, one of the more impressive features here is that the MK II iron still has a clean top-down look and a forged-like feel. 


If you find that consistency is an issue in your game, but you want a great-looking players-style golf iron, the ZX4 is a great choice. 


In addition, golfers playing the ZX5 can include the ZX4 in the long irons for a powerful combo set. 


Srixon ZX Utility 

The Srixon ZX Utility is a long iron replacement that blends nicely with any set in the Srixon MK II lineup. This is a hollow body utility club with a high trajectory, a bit of workability, and plenty of forgiveness. The Srixon ZX Utility comes in three lofts ranging from 18 to 23 degrees. 


Final Thoughts 


Srixon tends to fly under the radar a bit when compared to other major golf manufacturers. However, the technology and equipment that Srixon brings to the market should be on your list of clubs to try in 2023. At your local True Spec fitting center, the Srixon ZX irons are available in a wide range of shafts. Testing these irons with our high-quality launch monitors and the advice of a True Spec master fitting professional will let you know if the MK II irons are worth putting in the bag. 


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