Callaway Paradym Family

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Callaway has released their new line for 2023, and it is called Callaway Paradym. At True Spec, we now have all of the Callaway Paradym golf clubs available for you to try in a variety of shaft options. In addition to allowing you to test the new Paradym line, we wanted to get a better idea as to what some of our True Spec master fitting professionals and experts felt about the Callaway Paradym series. Overall, we have been impressed, and if you have seen how Jon Rahm is performing, he’s pretty impressed with this line as well. 


Callaway Paradym Driver’s

There are three Callaway drivers in the new lineup the standard model, the Paradym X, and the Triple Diamond model. All three drivers will feature a carbon chassis and the triaxial carbon crown; the clubhead is designed to be lighter than the previous titanium models. 


Three Models to Choose From 


The Triple Diamond is designed for golfers that want lower spin and a bit more workability. This is best if you have fast swing speeds and want a more penetrating ball flight. The standard model sits squarely at the address and has a very clean and confidence-inducing look to it. The Paradym X is the draw-biased model with the most forgiveness. 


New Jailbreak AI System 

Although there are varying amounts of adjustability when looking from one driver to the next, the Jailbreak AI system remains consistent throughout. Callaway made Jailbreak technology lighter to help increase overall spin and stability at impact. 


Fairway Woods and Hybrids To Match 


The forged titanium face featured in the new Paradym drivers can also be found in the fairways and hybrids. With this forged titanium face, there is a tremendous amount of energy transferred to the ball and even longer distances than we saw in the Rogue. 


Callaway Paradym Irons 

There are two versions of the Callaway Paradym irons, the Paradym and the Paradym X. The Pardaym is the standard game improvement iron featuring a forged high strength face and a hollow body construction. In addition, Callaway managed to include up to 67 grams of tungsten for incredible forgiveness and ball speed. 


In addition, you will find the Paradym X irons, which are a little more forgiving, have a slightly larger sweet spot, and have a cleaner look than previous Callaway game improvement irons. If you are looking for a mix of forgiveness and distance performance, this could be the way to go. 


Try Callaway Paradym Today 

If you are ready to test out the new Callaway Paradym line of golf clubs, get to your nearest True Spec location and schedule a fitting. The Callaway Paradym line has enough depth to help the best players in the world and those who have just started playing golf in 2023. We are seeing subtle refinements from year to year, but when you compare the Paradym to golf clubs from 5 to 7 years ago, the difference in technology is hard to wrap your head around. 


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