Cobra AeroJet Drivers and Irons

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The Cobra LTDx line from 2022 was a great seller for True Spec. Golfers noticed clubhead speed and ball speed gains when switching to this club. We were excited to see what the AeroJet could bring to the table with how great the Cobra clubs have been in the last few years. In addition to the True Spec locations having these AeroJet golf drivers and irons in stock for fitting, we tested some of the clubs in our studio to see what we noticed and how Cobra did on this new release. 


Cobra AeroJet Drivers

There are three new drivers in the Cobra AeroJet line. An option for amateurs, lower handicap players, and those that struggle with forgiveness from the tee.


Cobra AeroJet LS 

The Cobra AeroJet LS is designed to help increase ball speed and clubhead speed for the players that often miss on the lower part of the face. The Cobra AeroJet LS features the PowerBridge technology to help improve stability at impact. 


With the top down look of the Cobra AeroJet LS, the clubhead looks square and has a thin white line that makes the clubhead feel just a little smaller. The LS model is for the golfer with some extra swing speed and accuracy. 


Cobra AeroJet 


The standard model has some more forgiveness than the LS. It will have a slightly higher ball spin and a larger sweet spot. The Cobra AeroJet has a weight low in the back to help increase MOI at impact. 


Cobra has spent some time and money in the last few years working on improving the aerodynamics of their driver’s heads. These clubheads look like they will fly through the air, and they do. 


Cobra AeroJet Max 


The most forgiving head of the Cobra AeroJet line is the CobroAeroJet Max. This can be a draw biased driver because of the weight adjustability in the club head. For golfers that slice the ball, this is a driver that you can use to help increase your consistency and forgiveness. 


The flat face of the Cobra Aero Jet Driver still helps players gain tremendous ball speed. The CObra AeroJet Max golf driver is very stable at impact, and although spin will be a little higher, ball flight can also be better for the lower swing speed players. 

Cobra AeroJet Irons 

The Cobra AeroJet irons come in a standard length option and a one-length golf iron. These new clubs feature the H.O.T. Face Technology that we also saw in the driver line from Cobra. 


H.O.T. Face technology uses artificial intelligence to create better spin rates and higher speed off the face of the club. Cobra has taken their time getting into the world of A.I. This addition to its lineup will be a great game improvement choice for many players. 


Final Thoughts 

Whether you need spin or need to take away the spin, Cobra AeroJet has options for your game. This line of golf clubs is very high performing and has options for all players. If you are in the market for some new clubs this year, give your local TrueSpec a call and get a fitting on the calendar. 

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