Srixon Z Forged II

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If you are looking for a new set of forged blade-style irons in 2023, the new Srixon Z Forged II has made its appearance at the True Spec location. The Srixon Z Forged II is the perfect complement to the newest line of Srixon equipment this year. The new blade focuses on the Tour players and lower handicaps looking for the ultimate in feel and precision. 


What To Know About The Srixon Z Forged II 

The Srixon Z Forged II irons are manufactured with control and workability in mind. This is not a distance or a forgiveness iron; it is a player’s iron. With the Srixon Z Forged II, some of the technology you can count on includes the Tour V.T. Sole, Progressive Groove, and PureFrame Construction. 


  • Tour V.T. Sole: improved turf interaction regardless of the lie. Srixon took feedback from the PGA Tour to help improve the overall feel and playability of the iron, especially at impact. 
  • Progressive Grooves: the longer irons have wide grooves for promoting more distance and a penetrating ball flight. The short irons have high launch and spin characteristics that help improve workability. 
  • PureFrame Construction: the Z Forged II irons have a new shape to move mass, where golfers can benefit from it the most. 


Are The Srixon Z Forged II Irons For Me? 

The Srixon Z Forged II irons have a crisp feel and plenty of workability, but the question is whether or not they are going to be the right fit for your game. When you come for your True Spec golf fitting, we will look at several factors in how the Z Forged II irons perform. 


Spin Rates

The spin rates need to be the right fit for your game if the Z Forged II irons can work. The True Spec fitting does a deep dive into your spin rates and shaft and clubhead combination that will work for your game. 



The dispersion is essentially how accurate you can be with the golf iron you have in your hand. With lower dispersion rates, expect the ball to be landing in a narrower circle around the pin. 


Overall Look and Feel 

One of the most interesting dynamics of golf club fitting is watching a golfer see incredible results with a specific club but having them choose a different model at the end of the fitting. The overall look and feel have such a tremendous impact on golfers that it often ultimately decides which irons to buy. 


Final Thoughts 

With True Spec being a brand-agnostic golf club fitting, you can test the Srixon Z Forged II against the other top forged blade players’ irons in 2023. The ability to compare and contrast and put feel and precision head to head is a tremendous benefit for players. Schedule your True Specfitting today so you can get your hands on the new Srixon Z Forged II irons and all they have to offer. 

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