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Miura CB-302 Irons Review

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The Miura CB-302 has just been added to the True Spec lineup. Not only is this a big deal for Miura, but it is for True Spec as well. The Miura irons are often released in limited qualities, and getting your hands on them to try can be difficult. Luckily True Spec has secured the CB-302 at our fitting centers to give you a chance to have a set of Miura CB-302 customized to your needs. Miura does not release new golf irons all that often, so this is a big step and one that amateur golfers should be taking a look at. 


What Is The Miura CB-302? 

The Miura CB-302 is a cavity back design from Miura with a wide sole and refined sweet spot. As with all irons from Miura, the CB-302 has gone through an advanced forging process to make the clubhead higher performing and better feeling. Here are some of the features and characteristics of this new CB-302. 


Wider Sole for Optimized Forgiveness  

The Miura CB-302 has a wide sole that helps improve overall forgiveness. With the CB-302, there is trailing edge relief that allows for more consistency, even if you have a shallow or more upright golf club path. By using premium soft carbon steel, the forgiveness in the Miura irons is matched with an impressive feel. 


Penetrating Ball Flight 

One of the goals of the Miura CB-302 design process was to ensure that golfers of any handicap level could have a penetrating ball flight. Ball flight control is a major benefit of playing with a premium golf iron, and the CB-302 capitalizes on that. 


Moderate Offset For More Confidence 

Some of the MIura CB-302 feature almost no offset in the club head. Although this look can be appealing to the lower handicap players, having a little offset in the clubhead makes the clubhead more confidence-inducing. 


Golf Club Lofts 

The Miura CB-302 has stronger lofts than some of the other Miura irons, with a pitching wedge being 44 degrees. This means that the average player will still be able to get the distance they need while benefiting from forgiveness and a great feel. 


Who Should Play With The Miura CB-302? 

The Miura CB-302 is a cavity back iron with a mix of feel, distance, and forgiveness capabilities. Miura wants this iron to be for any golfer. Better players that need more forgiveness sin the long irons can benefit from the CB-302. 

Average golfers will find that this is a very playable Miura iron. Higher handicappers might put something like the Miura CB-302 in their short irons to start getting the feedback and control they need in their golf game. 


Stop By True Spec To Try The Miura CB-302

With the Miura CB-302 hitting the market, it’s time to get your hands on them. True Spec master fitting professionals offer a brand-agnostic golf club fitting. Feel free to mention you want to try the CB-302, and we can look at the data to show you whether or not this is the best golf club for your game. 



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