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Scotty Cameron 2023 Super Select Putter Line

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The new Scotty Cameron 2023 Super Select Putters have made it to the True Spec putter fitting studios around the country. We wanted to take advantage of this and start testing the putters out to see what new technology they have incorporated from previous models. Your local True Spec master fitter can help you narrow down which of the Super Select putters. 


Newport 2

The Newport 2 has the iconic look that we have come to expect from Scotty Cameron. The newest model features a new face design which helps the ball come off a bit faster without decreasing that soft and impressive feel that Cameron has equipped putters with for years. 


Newport 2 Plus 

The Newport 2 Plus is a new model that combines the Squareback and the Newport 2. Weight has been drawn towards the back of the putter head to make it more stable coming through impact. 

When we tested the Newport 2 Plus, the putter was like a larger version of the Newport 2 with impressive MOI, even on toe and heel hits. With the dual milling in the Newport 2 Plus, you get stability and plenty of speed. 


Newport 2.5 Plus 

The Newport 2.5 Plus has an eye-catching design with a small slant and plenty of toe hang. For golfers that miss the ball left. All of the putters in the new Super Select line from Scotty Cameron have a more raw and industrial look to them. 


Sound plays into the feel of a putter head, and the Newport 2.5 Plus has the classic feel that you have come to accept from Scotty Cameron. 



The Squareback is a left-bias putter as it stands. However, Scotty Cameron moved some weight to the center to neutralize the putter head just a bit. At the address, when you look down at the Squareback the putter head rests nicely on the ground. 

As the ball comes off the clubface, it makes more of a clicking noise than you find with the Newport models. The Squareback is a forgiving putter that helps you feel straight through on your putting stroke. 


Who Should Play With the New Special Select Putter Line? 

One of the great things about the new Scotty Cameron Special Select line of putters is that there are options for all players. Instead of specifically focusing on a handicap range for each model, these putters are designed to work for your stroke, path, and the visual look you are trying to find in your club head. 


Final Thoughts 

If you have always been a Scotty Cameron golfer, now is the time to get to your local True Spec to test out the newest equipment on the market. The new putters feature a dual-milled face, plenty of stability, and higher MOI than previous models. All True Spec fittings are brand agnostic. Compare the performance of these Scotty Camerons to other putters you may have on your bucket list. 




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