Titleist T-Series Irons

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Titleist, a brand renowned for its commitment to crafting exceptional golf equipment, has raised the bar once again with its latest innovation – the next generation T-Series irons. This new lineup, consisting of the T100, T150, T200, and T350 models, sets a new standard in iron engineering, combining stunning aesthetics, unparalleled feel, and remarkable performance.


Designed to Maximize Performance Dimensions:

The T-Series irons have been meticulously crafted to optimize three crucial dimensions of iron performance: distance control, dispersion control, and descent angle. These factors collectively contribute to enhanced overall playability and scoring opportunities.


T100: The Modern Tour Iron

The T100 model caters to the better player seeking precision control and an unmatched feel. Chosen by numerous touring professionals, the T100 irons have already established themselves as a staple in the bags of world-class players. With a refined dual-cavity forged construction and precision CNC face milling process, the T100 delivers consistent contact, control, and an improved solid feel at impact.


T150: The Faster Tour Iron

For players desiring precision, feel, and increased speed and forgiveness, the T150 offers a powerful solution. Engineered with stronger lofts compared to the T100, the T150 features a confidence-inspiring shape, enhanced forgiveness, and outstanding touch and flight control. The re-engineered Muscle Channel and updated shape provide superior feel and performance.


T200: The Players Distance Iron

Catering to those seeking added distance and forgiveness without compromising on aesthetics or feel, the T200 strikes a balance between performance and style. A redesigned internal structure, combined with the Max Impact Technology and dual taper face, results in a forged-face iron model that offers both impressive distance and a more stable chassis, enhancing overall feel.


T350: The Ultimate Game Improvement Iron

The T350 model is tailored for players who prioritize high launch, exceptional distance, and forgiveness. Featuring an all-new hollow-body construction inspired by the tour-proven T200 chassis, the T350 maximizes speed and forgiveness through refined Max Impact Technology and dual tungsten weighting. The result is a remarkable game improvement iron that delivers impressive performance, feel, and aesthetics.


The Future of Iron Performance

With the introduction of the next generation T-Series irons, Titleist once again solidifies its reputation as a leader in golf equipment innovation. Players can expect an unmatched combination of aesthetics, feel, and performance across the T100, T150, T200, and T350 models. These irons are available for fittings now at all True Spec locations.

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