True Spec Mobile Fitting: Is It Right For Me?

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Not all golfers are lucky enough to have a True Spec in their hometown. Although True Spec is continually adding locations, there is another option for golfers that are looking for the True Spec fitting experience without having to travel. True Spec Mobile Fitting is a mobile fitting unit that can come to your golf course and allow you to experience all that True Spec has to offer. If you are wondering whether a True Spec Mobile Fit is for you, here are some of the things to consider. 


What is a True Spec Mobile Fitting? 

True Spec Mobile fitting is a tour-level fitting experience at your home course. The True Spec Mobile fitting truck and a master fitting professional will help to give you the same experience you have at a True Spec Fitting location. 

You can expect the following from a True Spec mobile fitting: 


Full Fitting Matrix

The True Spec Mobile fitting unit features the full fitting matrix with more than 50,000 clubhead and shaft combinations. With our unique Club Conex system, you can try any clubhead you are interested in with a shaft that works specifically for your golf game. 


This type of fitting matrix goes above and beyond what you have seen with individual manufacturer demo days and fittings. 


Blueprint Station 

All True Spec Mobile fittings have a blueprint station, which includes things like a loft and lie machine, a frequency machine, ruler, and a grip station. A golfer’s full golf club fitting can be done on the driving range with complete accuracy and attention to detail. 


Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor 

The Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor is a state of the art launch monitor with incredible accuracy and data. With the Foresight GCQuad portability, a full and complete mobile fitting can be done right next to the mobile fitting truck. 


How Can I Get a True Spec Mobile Fitting? 

The True Spec mobile fitting experience can come to your golf club. Submit a request through your local golf course and country club, and the True Spect mobile scheduler will reach out to get your mobile fitting scheduled. 


True Spec mobile fittings happen all over the US and Canada. 


Mobile vs. In Person True Spec Fitting 

One of the great things about the True Spec mobile fitting is that you can expect the same level of quality, attention to detail, and unique fitting experience that you get at an in person True Spec fitting. The key is to find a mobile or in person True Spec near you! 


Final Thoughts 

With the unique True Spec fitting system, it is easier than ever to have confidence in the golf clubs you are playing and truly feel that you are playing with clubs that are specific to the needs of your game. If you are ready for a True Spec fitting, schedule your appointment today, or contact the professionals at your club to request a mobile fitting. 

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