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Rare Putters To Try At True Spec

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True Spec locations nationwide have more than 50,000 clubhead and shaft combinations for golfers to try. A large portion of that matrix is golf putters. Putter technology has taken off in the last few years, and golfers are realizing the importance of a custom fitting for golf putters. The problem many players are running into is the ability to test a putter and confirm it’s a good fit for your game. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why True Spec could be your solution.


Why is it so hard to find putters to try? 

Finding golf putters to try can be difficult because of the number of different manufacturers that produce putters. Years ago, putters were made by large manufacturers, and they would make these available to try at a variety of locations. 


Today there are hundreds of small putter manufacturers. Creating putters is a large niche in golf, and as great as some of these smaller companies are, it can be hard to get your hands on a putter to test out. 


In addition, putter manufacturers make various models to suit the needs of different putting strokes. Where TaylorMade may make a driver in two or three different models (tour, average golfer, higher handicap), they could have one putter line with 10 different heads. 


True Spec Golf Club Putter Fitting 

The solution for finding great putters before purchasing is to schedule a True Spec putter fitting. At True Spec, you can test a variety of different putter heads and even lengths to determine which one is the best fit for your putting stroke. 


Not every True Spec location has a fitting studio, so make sure to find the True Spec closest to you and see if putter fittings are available. 


Each putter fitting is a one-hour-long session where you will test putters using the premium launch monitor technology. Your True Spec master fitting professional will take the data from the fitting and combine it with your feel and preference to make the best suggestions. 


Putter Shaft Fitting 

Golf putter shafts have also become quite popular. More companies are releasing shaft options for their putter heads. Although this is a great benefit, you will also find that your decision as to which putter to purchase is quite a bit more difficult. 


At True Spec, you can experiment with what different shaft options will do to your golf putter. Always wanted to see what a graphite shafted putter feels like? Schedule your True Spec putter studio fitting today.


A Snapshot of a Few Rare Putters 

The True Spec golf club fitting matrix is always changing. We strive to keep every location with a putter studio completely stocked with a wide range of unique and rare putters. In addition to all of the putters from major manufacturers, here are a few unique or rare putter lines that you can test at True Spec. 

  • Bettinardi Studio Stock 16 & 9
  • Bettinardi BB Series
  • Bettinardi Queen Bee 23, 6 and 14
  • Evnroll V Series (EB 2, EB 5.2)
  • Miura KM1, KM2, KM3
  • Piretti Elite Series (21 Matera Black, 303 Midnight Cuvio, 303 Midnight Firenzi) 


Final Thoughts 

Schedule a True Spec putter fitting near you today. Take a look at the location page of the True Spec closest to you and ensure that a putter fitting is an option. 

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