How Often Do Wedges and Irons Need To Be Replaced

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The general rule of thumb is that you should be looking into new equipment every 5 to 7 years. Of course, there are changes in technology (and in your game) from year to year. However, if you want to see real improvement from one golf club to the next, you have to give technology a little time to advance. Let’s look at some of the signs you can look out for, alerting you that it may be time to replace your wedges and irons. 


How Will I Know When It’s Time For New Golf Irons? (Signs To Look For) 

Some golfers are simply ready to purchase and see what new equipment can do. Others are looking for a sign to tell them it’s time to change things up. Here are 6 important signs to look for. 


Loss of Distance

Did you feel like your 7 iron was always your 150-yard club, and now it only travels 145? That may be something you are doing in your golf swing, but it could be equipment. Lots of factors come into play when looking at distance, but this is a red flag that it could be time to replace your irons and wedges. 


Decreased Accuracy 

If you are losing confidence and precision in your iron shots, it may be time for new ones. Maybe your game has evolved, or maybe the technology in the irons is outdated; either way, accuracy in irons and wedges is paramount to distance. 


No Longer Keeping Up 

You know how well your friends play because you play golf with them week in and week out. If you feel like your friends are moving forward or at least staying steady with their game, and you are not, move on to some new golf clubs. 


Change of Golf Swing

Putting that time in on the range and finally picking up those extra MPH in your swing speed is a great accomplishment. The only downside here is that you may need some new golf clubs. Anytime you make significant (and permanent) changes to your swing, it’s likely time for new golf irons. 


Physical Changes

Physical changes can be both good and bad for golfers. Maybe you lost some weight and started to gain some muscle? You may find that your golf clubs are now too light or too flexible. 


On the contrary, some aging golfers feel like they are losing speed, and their golf clubs are now too heavy for them. 


When you go for a golf club fitting, your physical ability is analyzed in addition to your personal preferences, making it easier to find equipment specifically built for you.  


True Spec Golf Fitting 

A True Spec golf club fitting can tell you exactly where you stand on needing to replace your irons and wedges. Suppose a quick lie angle change is all that you need. In that case, the combination of our master fitting professional and industry-leading launch monitor technology will help you come to that conclusion. 

If you want real answers about exactly when it is time to update your irons and wedges, schedule a fitting with your local True Spec today. 

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