Does My Lie Angle Need To Be Checked? How Often?

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A lie angle has a significant impact on where your golf ball ends up. In fact, the lie angle is so powerful that, at times, you may be able to avoid purchasing a completely new set of irons and simply adjust the lie angle. If you are curious about what it may look like when your lie angle is incorrect, we will show you. At True Spec, we are continually working with players to help improve lie angle and ensure that the consistency of contact is as high as it can be. 


How do I Know if my lie angle is incorrect? 

The best way to tell if your lie angle needs to be adjusted is to stop by a local Ture Spec location and check the lie angle on the launch monitor. The combination of a master fitting professional and industry-leading launch monitor technology will help you determine if your lie angle is correct.


From there, the lie angle can be adjusted to find the right fit for your golf game. 


Signs Lie Angle Needs To Be Adjusted 

As an amateur golfer, you may be unaware of what to look for when your lie angle is off. Here are some of the most important signs so you can get your lie angle checked today. 


Inconsistency in Ball Flight 

Do you ever feel like you are doing a really good job with your swing, and your shots are still just inconsistent? Do you find that one may be a slight draw, the next a bit of a pull, but your path and clubface angle feel the same? 


This could be a sign that your lie angle is too upright or too flat, causing the ball to perform differently than you would hope for it to. 


Heel or Toe Shots 

If a club is too upright or flat for you, it may be difficult to get it to sit on the sole at setup. When you swing the club and come back to the impact position, you could end up hitting toe or heel shots because of the incorrect lie angle. 


Divot Patterns 

Another area of the game to check is divot patterns. Look down after the shots that you hit and see if your divots are consistently pointing in the wrong direction. Remember, divots can follow a natural swing pattern, so they may not always be perfectly straight. 


How Do I Get My Lie Angle Fixed? 

The best way to get your lie angle issues straightened out is to sign up for a True Spec fitting with a master fitting professional. This golf club fitting will take a look at your lie angle, club length, and club properties to make sure you are playing with equipment that properly suits the needs of your golf game. 


Lie angle is a very important fitting factor as it helps you to deliver the clubface to impact in the proper position. If you want a more consistent golf game, get your lie angle worked out at True Spec. 

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