Golf Grip Maintenance: Everything Golfers Should Know

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When people come into True Spec for a club fitting, we ask them to bring their current golf clubs. The thing that we find the most surprising is the grip condition of the clubs. The grip is the only area where we have a connection with the golf club, so it’s incredibly important to make that a good connection. Let’s dive into the importance of golf grip maintenance and the things you can do to help your grips last a little longer. 


Why is golf grip maintenance important? 

When golf grips are worn down or slippery, it’s impossible to have a secure connection with your club. A new glove can help, but you are still likely giving up on some club head speed as you make your way through impact. 


With an old and tired golf grip, you may also struggle to maintain a clubface angle on the golf club. The bottom line is you should be changing your grips out more often than you probably are! 


Key Tips For Golf Grip Maintenance 

If you want to help prolong the life of your golf grips, here are a few of the most important things you can do. 

  • Wash your hands before you go play a round of golf, and use soap and water to make sure oil is not on your skin. 
  • Apply sunscreen somewhere other than the first tee, and give it time to dry before grabbing your golf clubs. 
  • Wipe down your grips every few rounds; use a damp microfiber cloth. 
  • Once a month, when you deep clean your clubs, do the same thing with your grips; use a soft bristle toothbrush and a little soapy water, and wipe down with the microfiber cloth when finished. 
  • Don’t soak grips when cleaning them; they are not designed to be submerged in water. 
  • Wear a glove when the weather is warm, and you are sweating a lot. 
  • Never put grips back in your golf bag when they are wet (after a rain storm or sweaty practice session)
  • Be smart about where you lay your clubs down on the golf course, and place them on a towel or a tee if possible to ensure they aren’t exposed to more dirt. 


How often should I replace my grips? 

How often you should replace your grips is determined mostly by how often you use them. Golfers that play every day of the week need grips more frequently. If you play once a month, you may not replace your grips for two years. 


Most amateur golfers replace their golf grips once per year. If you are on the range or course daily, you may have to replace it twice a year or even quarterly. 


Final Thoughts 

As part of any True Spec golf fitting, we will analyze the grips you are using and whether or not they are the best solution for your golf game. Many players are unaware of different size and texture options that may help you play better and even get more longevity out of a set of grips. Schedule your True Spec fitting to learn more about golf grips. 

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