How Often Do You Check Loft & Lie On Golf Clubs?

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Your golf clubs come with a set loft and lie. If you don’t purchase custom golf clubs, the loft, and lie will just be standard. Golfers who fall outside of the range of standard as far as height and arm length are concerned need custom loft and lie on their clubs. This loft and lie should be checked every few years to make sure it is still accurate, and is still the correct requirement for your game. Here are a few things to understand about how often you should check the loft and lie on your golf clubs. 


Can Loft and Lie Specifications Change? 

The loft and lie can change slightly on your golf clubs through the years with repeated use and play. However, the bigger concern is that you are no longer playing a loft and lie combination that is the proper fit for your golf game. 


The lie angle of the clubs you need can change based on swing mechanics and fundamentals. 

This is why both static and dynamic fittings are important. Golfers should know what lie angle they need based on the math/fitting charts and the recommendations of a club fitting professional. 


When To Check Lie and Loft on Golf Clubs? 

One of our most popular fitting options at True Spec is a loft gapping session. During this session, all of the lofts and lies are checked on your golf clubs, and you can play with full confidence that you have the best equipment for your needs in your hands. 

Here are a few times that you will know it’s time to check your loft and lie and to stop into your local True Spec: 


Performance Changes in Your Game 

If you are noticing performance changes in your game, both good and bad, it may be time to get your golf club’s loft and lie checked. One of the issues we see most often is for golfers picking 

up a ton of clubhead speed. 


With extra speed and improved mechanics, it’s important to ensure your lie angle and the loft of your clubs are within the range you need. 


Playing A Lot More Golf 

If you play a lot of golf, you may want to have your loft and lie checked more frequently than every few years. This frequent checking-in can help ensure your clubs are still giving you 

accurate performance. 


Weather Conditions/Change in Playing Conditions 

Do you play mountain golf for part of the year and head to the humid region of South Florida for another part of the year? Extreme weather conditions can impact your golf clubs, it could be worth scheduling a check for your lie and loft. 


Final Thoughts

Checking the lie and loft of your golf clubs may prove that there is nothing wrong with the clubs and nothing that needs to be changed to help your game. This will only increase your confidence in your ability to play well on the golf course. Schedule a fitting at your local True Spec to learn even more about this important fitting factor. 

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