Odyssey Ai-ONE Putters

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We’re excited to introduce the latest additions to our fitting matrix—the Odyssey Ai-ONE putters. These cutting-edge putters have Callaway’s industry-leading Artificial Intelligence design, promising an unparalleled putting experience.  Each of the Ai-ONE Putters have the following features:

Ai-ONE Insert: Crafted using Artificial Intelligence, the aluminum-backed insert ensures consistent ball speed across the face, enhancing accuracy and control.

AI Window: An innovative Panlite® window showcases the unique topology of the insert, giving players a visual treat with every putt.

SL 90 Shaft: The Stroke Lab steel shaft, with its counterbalance weight, provides a lightweight yet stable feel, evolving the Stroke Lab Weighting for a broader appeal.

Navy Blue PVD Finish: The unique finish not only sets these putters apart but also adds a touch of premium elegance.

Interchangeable Front Weights: Customize your head weight with removable weights, available in 5, 10, 15, and 20 grams (weight kit sold separately).

Let’s take a look at some of the models we carry at True Spec:

Ai-ONE Double Wide DB Putter

The Ai-ONE Double Wide DB Putter is a wider-bodied blade with a double bend shaft, offering minimal toe hang for golfers seeking minimal face rotation and arc.

Ai-ONE Rossie S Putter

The Ai-ONE Rossie S is a classic rounded mallet with bold alignment lines and a short slant hosel. Tailored for strokes with more face rotation and arc, this putter offers a blend of classic design and cutting-edge technology.

Ai-ONE Milled Seven T DB Putter

The Ai-ONE Milled Seven T DB is an updated take on the iconic design, featuring a Double Bend shaft and face-balanced precision.

Ai-ONE Milled Three T S Putter

The Ai-ONE Milled Three T S is a midsize square back mallet with a slant neck, offering significant toe hang for strokes with more arc and face rotation. D


With the introduction of the Odyssey Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled putters, True Spec continues its commitment to precision and innovation in golf. Elevate your putting game with these AI-driven marvels, where technology meets artistry for an unmatched putting experience. Explore the True Spec difference and putt smarter with Odyssey Ai-ONE.

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