Crafting Drake’s Clubs

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A club build that seamlessly blends rhythm with precision for Drake, the iconic musician.  Much like composing a hit song, crafting the perfect set of golf clubs required a symphony of customization and expertise. Let’s take a look into the intricacies of Drake’s unique club setup, featuring a curated ensemble designed to harmonize with his distinctive style.  In the world of golf, the perfect swing is akin to creating a chart-topping track, and Drake’s set is nothing short of a musical masterpiece.

Opening Act: Cobra Aerojet 10.5 Degree Driver

Kicking off the performance is the Cobra Aerojet 10.5 Degree driver, accompanied by the UST LIN-Q TSPX Black 6F5 shaft. A high-energy opening act, this driver provides Drake with the power and precision needed to hit the right notes off the tee.

Transitioning Smoothly: PING G430 MAX 3-Wood

Transitioning smoothly to the fairway, the PING G430 MAX, paired with the UST LIN-Q TSPX Black 7F5 shaft, delivers a melodic blend of distance and control, ensuring Drake’s ballad resonates on every shot.

Versatility in Harmony: TaylorMade Stealth 2 3-Hybrid

The TaylorMade Stealth 2 3-hybrid, accompanied by the UST LIN-Q TSPX Black 85F5 Hybrid shaft, adds versatility to Drake’s repertoire, allowing him to navigate the course with finesse.

Heart of the Ensemble: Miura CB-302 QPQ Irons

The heart of Drake’s set lies in the Miura CB-302 QPQ irons, each note finely tuned with UST Dart V 105 F5 shafts. From the soulful 4-iron to the powerful PW, this iron set composes a ball-striking symphony.

Personalized Riff: Miura Tour Wedge HB QPQ Wedges

Adding a personalized riff to the set, custom-stamped Miura Tour Wedge HB QPQ wedges, coupled with UST Dart V 105 F5 shafts, allow Drake to craft delicate shots around the green.

Closing Movement: Miura KM3 Custom Stamped Putter

Completing the ensemble is the Miura KM3 putter, a lyrical expression of precision on the greens.

Final Notes of Customization

Adding the final notes of customization, Drake’s set features custom head covers by Dormie Workshop. UST Mamiya shafts are etched with iconic album covers, turning each cover into a visual symphony that resonates with his musical journey.


From the roaring tee shots to the delicate putts, each club in Drake’s ensemble contributes to a golfing symphony that is uniquely his own—a composition that transcends both the music charts and the golf leaderboard.

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