Accra GX Series

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Get ready to elevate your game with the new Accra GX series of shafts, now available at True Spec Golf locations near you. True Spec is proud to offer the latest innovations in golf shaft technology, and the Accra GX series is no exception. Designed to streamline the fitting process and cater to golfers of all skill levels, the Accra GX series is set to revolutionize the way you play the game.

ACCRA GX Blue 100 Series

Engineered for higher initial launch, the GX Blue 100 Series is available in lighter weights to promote speed and distance. Whether you have a slower swing speed or are a seasoned professional, the GX Blue 100 Series has something to offer. Professional Long Drive competitors trust the ACCRA GX 140 M0 for its performance and reliability. Now available in a “Tour” flex, this series combines speed and stability, easily recognizable by its iridescent blue paint.

ACCRA GX Green 200 Series

Designed for mid launch characteristics, the GX Green 200 Series features a smooth transition from grip to clubhead, optimizing feel without compromising stability. Available in 50 to 70 grams for drivers, the GX Green 200 Series offers a great combination of controlled spin and increased speed. The “Tour” flex option provides launch control and spin, distinguished by its iridescent green paint.

Performance and Options for All Golfers

With the Accra GX series, you can expect a range of performance options to suit your game. Whether you’re looking for higher launch or mid launch conditions, there’s a GX series shaft that’s perfect for you. The GX series offers a variety of weights and flexes, ensuring that every golfer can find a shaft that meets their needs.

Visit your local True Spec Golf location to try out the Accra GX series and discover the perfect shaft for your game.

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