Fujikura 2024 Ventus Blue Shaft

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Fujikura Introduces the Ventus Blue 2024 Shaft: A Next-Level Innovation

Ever since its debut in 2018, the Ventus line of shafts from Fujikura, starting with the blue profile, has been a standout choice among professional tours and club fitters worldwide. The 2024 Ventus Blue continues this legacy, offering golfers improved feel, speed, and consistency through innovative design and materials.

 What’s New with the 2024 Ventus Blue

The 2024 Ventus Blue is a mid-launch/low-spin wood shaft crafted with new materials to enhance performance. At its core is Velocore, a multi-material bias core construction that ensures ultimate stability during the swing and at impact. The core features full-length, ultra-high-modulus pitch 70-ton carbon fiber, which is 150% stronger and more stable than T1100g, along with 40-ton bias layers that provide player-preferred feedback.

Velocore+: The Next Evolution in Shaft Technology

The 2024 Ventus Blue debuts Fujikura’s latest innovation: Velocore+. This advancement in Velocore technology incorporates an additional premium bias core material, maintaining the shaft’s popular profile while enhancing feel and performance. Velocore+ promotes tighter dispersion and increased ball speeds, offering golfers a significant performance boost.

Insights from Spencer Reynolds, Fujikura’s Product and Brand Manager

Spencer Reynolds, Fujikura’s product and brand manager, shared his thoughts on the new Ventus Blue: “Our Ventus technology launched on global Tours in 2018 and has been the absolute standard in wood shaft performance ever since. With this iteration, we set out to improve the original model by incorporating the new material and technology advancements we’ve pioneered over the last six years. In player testing, we achieved our target launch and spin numbers consistent with the original Ventus Blue, but increased ball speeds and tightened dispersion, giving players enhanced performance in the areas that matter most: speed, distance, and accuracy.”

Final Thoughts

Experience the next level of performance with the Fujikura Ventus Blue 2024 shaft. Whether you’re looking for more speed, distance, or accuracy, this shaft delivers on all fronts, making it a must-have for golfers seeking to optimize their game.

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