Miura IC-602

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Miura Golf has long been revered for crafting some of the most visually stunning and best-feeling forged irons in the world. With their proprietary forging and manufacturing process, they have set a standard for excellence in golf equipment. Now, for the first time in their illustrious history, Miura is making their classic feel accessible to more golfers with the introduction of the IC-602 hollow-body iron.

Craftsmanship and Performance

The Miura IC-602 iron set includes clubs from 3-iron to gap wedge, offering a comprehensive range to suit every player’s needs. Each club is meticulously crafted to embody the Miura legacy of excellence, combining stunning aesthetics with unparalleled performance.

Enhanced Distance and Forgiveness

The IC-602 is designed to provide valuable feedback to golfers while offering modern manufacturing techniques that enhance forgiveness and playability. With stronger lofts and a thinner, more flexible face construction, these irons deliver increased ball speed, resulting in greater distance and control.

Innovative Technology

The body of the IC-602 is made from soft 8620 mild carbon steel, allowing for easy lie and loft adjustability. Tungsten is strategically positioned within the body to precisely locate the center of gravity behind the club face, enhancing MOI for added forgiveness and stability. The 3-9 irons feature faces made from fast and strong Cr-Mo steel, while the pitching wedge and gap wedge utilize softer S35C steel, providing a blend of distance, control, and feel.

Miura Versatile Sole (MVS)

The IC-602 is also equipped with the Miura Versatile Sole (MVS), designed to improve turf interaction and promote a smoother, more consistent strike. By reducing the sole width while maintaining the bounce angle, the MVS ensures that golfers can confidently attack any lie without the fear of the club digging into the ground.

Experience the Miura Difference

The Miura IC-602 irons are now available for fittings at True Spec Golf. Upgrade your iron game with the precision and feel that only Miura can deliver. Schedule your fitting today and experience the craftsmanship and performance that have made Miura a legend in the world of golf.

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