Where Can I Find Reviews About True Spec Golf?

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The True Spec Golf fitting is a one-of-a-kind experience, tailored to each customer. Satisfied golfers the world over have been singing the praises of True Spec, noting the difference the premium service they provide has brought to their game. For prospective clients, True Spec Golf reviews detail the fitting experience to help you know what to expect. Reviewers range from professional golfers to sports media and all level of golfers in between.

Professional Golfers

In just a few short years, True Spec Golf has gained a reputation by PGA and LPGA Tour players as the best in the business when it comes to custom fitted, custom built clubs.  True Spec Golf has put custom fit clubs in the bags of several seasoned pros, including the top ranked player in the world, and the all-time leading American female money winner. While many of True Spec’s clients keep a low profile due to endorsement and sponsorship agreements, some have shared their experience with followers over social media and personal blogs.

LPGA Tour pro Belén Mozo, who visited True Spec Miami, detailed her experience on her blog. Also shared on True Spec’s website, Belén’s True Spec Golf review offers a thorough walkthrough of her fitting and the change she saw in her game. Seen through the eyes of a seasoned pro like Belén, True Spec Golf reviews give a top-level understanding of just how impactful a custom fitting can be for any player’s game.

News & Press

With a state of the art service, True Spec Golf has made headlines and grabbed the attention of golf and lifestyle press. Since announcing the service’s debut in 2014, golf media has shared the news on True Spec with reviews and features on the brand. Articles range from first-hand reviews of how custom fitting works to interviews with master fitters like Ian Fraser, giving prospective True Spec clients various ways to learn more about the brand.

Outlets like Golf.com, Golf Digest, and Forbes have all published True Spec Golf reviews, pointing out how True Spec’s high-tech services can compensate for golf swing idiosyncrasies of each individual player to yield a set of clubs that enhance all aspects of the game.

Reviewed by journalists and recommended by top golf news outlets, True Spec Golf has an impressive — and growing — reputation in the press and public eye.

By Golfers Like You

Of course, the best way to find out what True Spec is like for the everyday player is to hear from someone just like you. True Spec Golf reviews by clients have been posted on social media and search services like Yelp, where reviews are available by location as well. Feedback on the True Spec experience from first-hand accounts highlight just how impactful a quality fitting can be.

Whether from the pros, the press, or a golfer just like you, True Spec Golf reviews showcase how this premier fitting experience is changing the way we golf.

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