Fitting Is Only Half the Equation

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For golfers who are considering Custom Club Fitting, it is important to remember, a custom club fitting is only as effective if the clubs are build properly, according to the specifications identified by the fitter.  At True Spec Golf, we understand that to truly optimize performance, fitting is only half the equation when it comes to finding your best clubs.

Consumers have numerous options for golf equipment these days.  Golf equipment can be quite expensive, even when buying “off-the-rack”, or “stock” clubs.  Why spend thousands of dollars on equipment that was not tested and verified to be the best possible set for YOU and YOUR SWING?  Without the customized fitting process, a golfer can make purchasing mistakes, and lack confidence that their equipment is the very best available to yield the best score.

Another very frequent outcome for players who are fitted, but do not purchase through a reputable club builder: A “Custom Fit” set that is not exactly the same as the products that are tested in the fitting process. Even if a golfer worked with a knowledgeable and skilled fitter – one who offered a launch monitor report and an in-depth look at how you perform with your current clubs, as we do – that seemingly perfect fitting would not provide the advantage that it could if the club is not “built to spec”, or built exactly the way the club fitter recommends.

A demo matrix at True Spec Golf includes over 30,000 clubhead and shaft combinations, and of all of these potential combinations, one thing is never sacrificed: quality.

We pay careful attention to both halves of the equation: fitting and building each piece of equipment to exactly replicate what the client tested in the fitting process. Our brand-agnostic approach features only the highest performing, highest rated golf brands and products. Our mission with every club purchased through True Spec: build it exactly to the specifications delineated in the player’s “Prescription”, implementing one of the tightest build tolerances in the industry with our highly bespoke, individualized process.

We utilize your exact fitting specifications to handcraft a club tailored to your fitting results, with only the finest components. This refined building process includes precise attention to the specifications determined in the fitting, which include:

  • Shaft frequency
  • Loft
  • Lie
  • Length
  • Swing weight
  • Grip size

We then take these specifications to create the perfect club. This is where the fitting becomes complete: the end result of your one-on-one time with our highly trained team is a one of a kind golf club, truly made to fit you. This individualized process with attention to both halves of the club-crafting equation ensures improved performance on the course.

Visit a True Spec Golf store near you to work with our team on a fitting, then explore your many options for a club that will take your game to the next level.

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