The Importance of Distance Gapping in a Set of Clubs

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While any golfer might be tempted to choose clubs that promise to maximize only distance, in practice, it’s more wise to place importance on the different distances each club goes, and the yardage increments between each club in the set. This specific performance characteristic is called Distance Gapping. This is one of the most overlooked aspect of club performance throughout the set, yet can have a direct correlation to the efficacy of each player related to scoring their best..

Maximizing each club

Many club fitters are regularly asked, “How much distance between each club should their be?”  Generally, this many times depends on the players average clubhead speed. Slower speed players will tend to see 7-9 yards between each club, whereas, higher speed players may see 12-15 yards between each club.  Indeed the ideal distance increment from one club to the next in the set varies from player to player, based on the course conditions, specific yardages the player may play from regularly, and personal preferences.  Set makeup can also influence this decision also. The decision of a player to choose 3 wedges in their set as opposed to 4, or use more distance clubs than scoring clubs, or vice-versa, can dictate what the proper distance increment should be throughout the set.  One way to ensure your equipment has uniform incremental distance gaps from one club to the next is through custom club fitting with True Spec.

Custom club fitting helps golfers discover the clubs that can complement and build on the work of the one before, safeguarding a player against having clubs in the set which produce redundant yardages. When a set of clubs works together, with correct distance gapping through custom fitting, it allows the golfer to employ 14 effective clubs which all serve a purpose and hit the ball a unique distance and trajectory.

Better synchronization

In order to distance gap a set of clubs most effectively, it helps to have top-of-the line technology that can collect precise data on how a golfer strikes a golf ball with each club in their bag. A number of factors go into how far a ball soars toward, or rolls to, its destination. But True Spec has the bases covered with advanced systems such as launch monitors that measure everything from swing and speed to ball flight and direction.

Specifically, True Spec can properly distance gap clubs by using TrackMan doppler systems and Foresight Quad launch monitors to learn the distance tendencies of each club in the set. Using that information, True Spec’s custom fitting professionals can recommend a set of clubs that’s better synchronized overall to most efficiently cover any distance on the fairway.

Poised for improvement

Whether a player is brand-new to the game or many years in, distance gapping is useful, regardless of where in their game a golfer is looking to improve. New golfers can benefit from learning what they can get out of each club, and then using their equipment to their advantage with these expectations in mind. Additionally, after experiencing a distance gapping session, the golfer will be better informed as the the average distance they hit each club, the maximum distance each club is capable of, and the average distance the club produces on off-center shots.  This information can be used to make smarter club selection choices when on the course.

Golfers of all skill levels can find distance gapping through a custom fitting session useful, be it to set expectations for how each club should perform or to amend for changes to a game over time. Distance gapping is perhaps the easiest way to improve one’s performance, as it does not require any mechanical swing changes nor replacement of any current clubs.  Simple adjustments to the lofts of each club can rectify any issues observed, thereby providing the proper distance club between every club in the bag.

If you’re looking to take your golf game to the next level, it’s time to head to True Spec. Find the True Spec location nearest you and discover how custom club fitting can maximize your playing potential.  

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