3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Driver

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If you’ve ever paid top dollar for an off-the-shelf driver in the pursuit of an improved golf game, you’re not alone. But what if there were a better option, individualized to YOUR needs as an athlete?

If your driver is underperforming, regardless of whether that underperformance is due to distance, accuracy, consistency or all of those factors, it’s time to consider a custom golf fitting with True Spec. Custom fit clubs take the guesswork out of selecting the clubs that perform the best for each player, eliminating any uncertainty that the clubs could be the culprit for poor scores. Not sure if it’s time to replace your driver with new, custom clubs? Here are three signs you’re ready for a custom driver fitting with True Spec.

Short on distance

Without knowing it, many golfers are using clubs with shafts that aren’t doing their game any favors. A poorly matched shaft on a driver can directly impact a player’s distance, accuracy, and consistency. If a golfer is consistently finding his or her ball consistently shorter than their peers, they should consider that the problem could be either the loft that is being played or the club’s shaft.

Custom driver fittings with True Spec’s professional fitters determine which shaft has the ideal flex, weight, and length to optimize distance, while also making sure each player is gaming the most optimal loft to maximize distance. Golfers not only see an improvement to their total distance, but also usually see that using less club into greens on their approach shots leads to better scores.

Off-Target Shots

Having problems with your drives finding swimming pools or backyards instead of the fairways? Know there’s a better way to hit more fairways than completely re-engineering your golf swing! Custom driver fittings yield the best clubhead and shaft combination that will help golfers hit more drives straight and true. True Spec’s advanced tools and technology measure a player’s offline dispersion with each club tested. The result is quantifiable data that dictates which product tested the straightest.

Lack of consistency

If a golfer is noticing that their good drives are pretty good, but their bad drives are much worse than their peers, it is probably time to see your True Spec fitter for a driver fitting! Selecting the proper clubhead and shaft combination can drastically help a golfer’s consistency by selecting products specifically designed to be more stable on off-center strikes. A properly fit custom-fit driver gives golfers the confidence that no matter the swing that is made, the ball will come close to finding the target..

Custom club fitting is the only way to know your clubs are working as hard as you are on the course. Find the nearest True Spec location and discover the equipment designed to meet your specific needs.

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