How Much Does True Spec Golf Cost?

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True Spec Golf offers a variety of golf club fitting services to enhance any player’s on-course performance. From a Driver or Putter fitting all the way to a full set evaluation, True Spec’s menu of services covers any golfer’s aspirations, allowing access to premium custom fittings at various price points. True Spec delivers a best-in-class luxury service for less than the cost of a new driver which can make a significant change to any player’s game,.

Built to satisfy any player’s goals for the game, True Spec’s cost is not a deterrent to putting your game in the hands of the experts in the fitting studio. Broken down by services, costs, and locations, there is a True Spec option to fit any golfer. It’s worth noting that fitting costs are non-inclusive of club or set purchases.

Below, we’ve provided general ranges for fitting costs in USD, which may vary based on region and location. Note that all costs are subject to change based on location. For more information and specific costs, check out the True Spec location nearest you!

Full Bag & Full Bag with Putter Fitting

The most comprehensive offering from True Spec Golf, the full bag and full bag with putter fittings evaluate a golfer’s current set of clubs, yielding a recommendation for every club in the set, which include clubhead and shaft brand/product, as well as the recommended specifications customized to fit you best.  In the Full Bag WITH Putter Fitting, the client and fitter work through every club in the bag, including the putter. The cost of a True Spec Full Bag Fitting is $350 and a Full Bag with Putter Fitting is $450.

Woods Fitting

Perfecting your driver, fairway, and hybrid play, True Spec Golf’s 2-hour Woods Fitting puts a golfer’s long-range game under the microscope. Clients are able to test any of the over 70 different clubheads paired with over 200 different shaft options. The Woods Fitting costs $200 and requires approximately 2 hours to complete.

Iron & Wedge Fitting

Paying close attention to a vital component of any golfer’s game, True Spec’s Iron & Wedge Fitting is a two hour session with a certified True Spec fitting expert. This fitting delves into a golfer’s performance with all irons in the set, as well as their wedge play. The True Spec cost for a 2 Hour Iron & Wedge Fitting is $200.

Putter Fitting

Available at select True Spec locations, the Putter Fitting is perfect for the golfer trying reduce the workload on the greens. A specialty of True Spec, the Putter Fitting has perhaps the largest contribution to lowering a player’s score than any other aspect of fitting or equipment.  The True Spec Putter Fitting process has been validated by multiple PGA Tour and LPGA Tour Champions, including multiple major championship winners. The fitting brings a precise focus to the most important aspect of the game, using a data driven approach based off of the most up to date research in the hopes of finding a putter which breeds confidence and lower scores. A True Spec Putter Fitting is available for $150.

Driver & Iron Fittings

Individual club fittings are equally as valuable at True Spec Golf. Addressing a golfer’s relationship to a trusted club or a source of trouble, Driver and Iron Fittings can help improve your game in a very specific way. Driver and Iron Fittings cost $150 each, and target one aspect of the players set.

Other Services

True Spec Golf also offers performance and maintenance services that help keep play and equipment in top shape. A one-hour gap analysis helps to inform a golfer exactly how far they carry each shot with all of the clubs in the bag, and is available for $125, and with the Shaft Only service True Spec will retrofit an existing clubhead for $125.

From full service fittings to club maintenance, True Spec Golf is a golfer’s destination for getting the best out of the game.

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