Is True Spec Open Year-Round?

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Those who live in areas of the world that experience all four seasons tend to think of golf as only a spring and summer sport. This may lead them to wonder if golf-oriented businesses such as True Spec Golf are only open during golfing seasons. Despite the majority collective’s propensity to dust off golf clubs solely for the summer months, many players do play year-round golf, and True Spec is open year-round, too.

This allows us to serve players anytime, whether they live in warmer locations where our world-class studios are present, or planning a golfing trip to sunnier cities, or simply want to prepare for their city’s golfing season a few months ahead of time.

Serving Warmer Cities

Many of True Spec’s locations are in cities that seldom see a real ‘winter,’ which means their inhabitants can play golf even in December. These locations include:

  • Cities in Arizona such as Phoenix
  • Cities in Florida such as Miami and Orlando
  • Year-round vacation locations like The Bahamas

In these locations, almost any day is a good golfing day, and True Spec Golf is available for fittings as they’re needed.

Serving Golf Travelers

Additionally, as golf lovers ourselves, we know a thing or two about fleeing colder cities (such as Boston or Denver) in the winter months for a golf trip somewhere warmer. When it’s time to dust off the clubs again for a flight to warmer temperatures, it’s an advantage to have True Spec available for a fitting, no matter what time of the year it is.

Serving All Avid Golfers

Weather aside, many golfers simply enjoy gearing up for their golfing months by getting their fittings done in the winter. We’ve also worked with players who received a fitting as a holiday or birthday present, and took advantage of their gift in preparation for spring or summer.  The investment of a golf fitting is a special present that’s enjoyed year-round  by avid golf players.

Schedule A Fitting

Contact a location nearest you to schedule your fitting or to ask further questions about our fitting processes. While we are open year-round, our warmer months do tend to be a bit busier, so call ahead as all of our fittings are appointment-based. We tell players to estimate an hour for a club fitting and up to three hours for a full set of clubs. No matter which month of the year it is, we’re available and ready to help you in your club fitting.

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