3 Signs You Should Consider Getting Custom Fit Clubs

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Most golfers know when they have played their best, or when they realize they are not performing to their maximum potential. When the latter is the case, any player is likely to contemplate what is going wrong and analyze every little detail of their technique. Are they having an off day? Or, is the real problem something more specific? A very reasonable question to ask in these instances is if the equipment that is being played is undermining performance. Thankfully, if this is the case, there is an easy fix that.

Custom club fitting takes the guesswork out of wondering if you are using the right clubs on the course. By combining data-driven tests, a fitting process vetted by the world’s best players, and expertise from professional fitters, True Spec helps golfers play to their maximum potential by discovering the equipment best suited for them. Golfers of every skill level can benefit from custom fitting. But, if you’re waiting for a sign, here are three telltale signs it’s time to head to a True Spec location.

Inconsistent Shots

Custom fitting contributes to solving three major areas of inconsistent performance on the course.

  1. Inefficient Strikes – Off-center shots could be due to using a club with the wrong weight and shaft length for their particular swing.
  2. Erratic Impact – Custom fitting corrects issues such as inconsistent patterns at impact related to the angle of the club face, and the speed the club is being swung.
  3. Misdirection – Custom clubs can also solve for clubs which present a consistent pattern that tends to be off target through addressing club design elements such as lie angle.

By recommending equipment that addresses each player’s unique tendencies, a custom club fitting can ensure more consistency from hole to hole.

Lack of Distance

When a ball doesn’t reach the intended target, there could be a number of factors at play. If the shot comes up short, that could be something addressed in the ball speed, launch and spin created at impact. Custom fitting collects player data, such as swing speed, that points to the ideal launch angle to optimize for distance at each hole. When it comes to achieving ideal distance with each strike, custom clubs can play a crucial role. Distance gapping, described as incremental distances each club in the set travels, is important to ensuring efficiency across a full set. Custom fitting is an effective way to make sure your clubs are both maximizing distance, while also providing distances that can be counted on.

Miss Tendencies

Frequently missing crucial putts might not be an indicator of your skill, but rather an issue with your putter. Consistently missing right or left of target is due to the lack of squareness of the face of the putter to the target at impact, a problem easily solved with custom fitting. Every shot counts in the game of golf, and having each club in your bag custom fitted can contribute to a better round from start to finish.

If you’re looking to see immediate improvement in your game, custom fitting through True Spec can help you play at your full potential. Find the True Spec location nearest you and discover how custom club fitting can level up your performance.

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