5 Common Misconceptions About Custom Club Fitting

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If you’re an avid golfer, but haven’t had a custom club fitting, there’s no better time to consider being fit than now! Custom club fitting through True Spec Golf is the fastest and most effective way to help players find the equipment needed to elevate their golf game , giving each player their best opportunity to shoot their lowest score..

Golfers shouldn’t let any confusion about the custom fitting process stand in the way of helping them achieve their best scores yet. Here are five common misconceptions players may have about custom club fitting, debunked.

“Custom Fitting won’t benefit my golf game.”

For golfers out there who feel custom fitting may not be for them, True Spec challenges that player to give custom fitting a chance and let the numbers tell the story. A True Spec custom fitting appointment with a professional club fitter analyzes your swing, looking into your unique club delivery tendencies and uses advanced, industry-leading technology to capture data for every golf ball struck in the session. That data is then used to identify the best performing clubhead and shaft that optimize the golfer’s existing swing for maximum effectiveness. For those who believe they are not “good enough” to be fit, research has shown custom club fitting to have a greater impact on high-handicap golfer’s scores than any other skill level.

“Custom club fitting isn’t accessible to me.”

If you haven’t gotten custom fitted because you think locations aren’t accessible to you, think again. True Spec has locations all over North America and Europe, you are never far from a fitting studio. If you don’t live near any of True Spec’s 17 cities around the world, there’s always the four mobile fit teams that travel to courses in North America and Europe to service golfers. If you can’t come to True Spec, we can come to you.

“Custom fitting is just for the pros.”

Custom golf clubs aren’t only for professional golfers; players of any level looking to improve their golf game should consider getting their equipment custom fit. With the multitude and variety of clubhead and shaft options available, and considering most of these products are targeting the everyday golfer, professional club fitters can “move the needle” related to performance more than they ever have been able to.  Custom club fitting is a surefire way to improve performance immediately..

“I don’t think it’ll make a noticeable difference.”

If you’ve never played with custom fit clubs, it only makes sense that you might think upgrading won’t make a big difference to your game. But think about this, you don’t know how you’ve had to compensate with your current clubs until you try equipment that’s designed with you in mind. When you get your hands on your own custom clubs, you’ll see the impact for yourself.  Furthermore, True Spec’s well trained fitting staff will always puts the golfer’s needs ahead of all else, so if the Master Fitter isn’t seeing a quantifiable performance gain within the demo matrix available, the player will be recommended to keep what he or she is already playing.

“Custom fitting is out of my budget.”

True Spec offers a full suite of custom fitting options, meaning you don’t need to get a full bag fitting on your first visit. Maybe start out with a putter fitting to better understand the process. True Spec offers custom club fitting at various price points with the service itself coming in at less than the cost of a new driver.


Looking to take your golf game to the next level? Find the True Spec location nearest you and discover the clubs you need to help you deliver your best performance yet.

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