What to Expect During a Custom Club Fitting

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No matter the handicap, golfers of all levels turn to custom club fitting because they understand that custom clubs designed to optimize performance are a much better investment than “off-the-rack” clubs.  Players have plenty of opportunity read about custom fitting and the premium components that are offered in the custom club fitting world, but what can they expect once they book their own custom fitting?

Custom club fitting with True Spec provides an exceptional experience for customers from the moment they meet their professional studio club fitter, through their fitting process which incorporates a product matrix of 35,000 shafts and heads from the world’s leading manufacturers, extending long after their custom clubs have been ordered and delivered. Here are five things you can expect at your first True Spec custom fitting.

A Master Fitting Professional

Each of True Spec’s locations around the world feature a “Master” Fitting Staff who have the necessary experience and knowledge to find the right equipment for every individual’s needs. Every fitter is certified under True Spec’s own training and certification process, thus ensuring the knowledge base and experience provided is consistent from one facility to the next.  True Spec studio club fitters begin all fittings by measuring a client’s current equipment and observing their swing. Fitters will then guide customers through the process, offering expert insights and answering questions along the way until they pair the player with the best potential equipment for them.

Set in a Premiere Setting

All of True Spec Golf’s facilities are state-of-the-art fitting studios, with many studios located at some of the most premiere golf venues around the world.  Once in a studio, customers will find the space clean, understated, and very visually appealing, free from clutter so that each customer and fitter can focus on the task at hand with minimal distractions.

Industry Leading Technology

True Spec employs different measurement tools such as TrackMan Launch monitors and Foresight Quad Launch monitors which provide definitive, quantifiable data for every shot struck in a session.  The Master Fitter then interprets this data with every customer to set objectives for the session, and help identify areas of possible improvement.

Find the BEST match

Because True Spec stocks more than 35,000 clubhead and shaft combinations from the world’s leading golf brands, players can test models they’ve never discovered. True Spec leaves no stone unturned in determining which would be the best clubhead, shaft, grip, specification set up to maximize every player’s performance, regardless of ability.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

At the end of a True Spec custom club fitting, players will be provided a report with their personal fitting data and a quote to buy the recommended equipment. After a quick turnaround, True Spec customers can use their new custom clubs to level-up their performance on the course.

Custom club fitting is the best way to know if you’re using the clubs designed to help you succeed. Find the closest closest True Spec Location and discover equipment tailored to your specific needs today.

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