What Is Angle Of Attack? 

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Golf club fittings come with quite a bit of terminology. The more time you spend on a TrackMan launch monitor, the more information you get about your game. If you have no idea what these terms mean or how they impact your game, it’s probably time to figure it out. Understanding what a golf fitting is and how it works before going for one will give you the best value for your fitting experience. 


What Is Angle Of Attack? 


The angle of attack is the angle that a player creates as they deliver the clubhead through the impact position. The angle of attack will vary depending on the player. The angle will also change with the club a player has in their hands. 


The angle of attack can be a critical fitting parameter, and it is one that True Spec Master Fitters want to make sure they pay close attention to while fitting players for their new clubs. With the angle of attack correct, a player can control ball flight and trajectory on their shots. 


What Is The Ideal Angle Of Attack For A Driver? 


When playing with a driver, it is essential to strive for a positive angle of attack. The positive angle is what allows golfers to get the higher ball flight that they need on their drivers. The positive angle also helps to promote hitting the ball more on the upswing. 


As most golfers are well aware, your results will be less than ideal if you try and hit down and through a driver shot. Promote that better contact and longer ball flight with the positive angle of attack. 


What Is The Ideal Angle Of Attack For An Iron? 


The ideal angle of attack for an iron will be the opposite of what we need for a driver. When hitting an iron shot, golfers must hit down and through the ball. Hitting down and through the ball promotes better spin, more control, higher ball flight, and better ball speed. 


This means that the angle of attack for an iron will be best when it is negative. When going for a fitting, adjustments will be made to the shaft and clubhead to help players achieve this negative angle of attack. 



How Does Angle of Attack Impact Club Fitting? 


Some club fitters believe that the angle of attack is one of the most critical fitting parameters. With the angle of attack it is about finding the correct range. For instance, a more negative angle of attack does not always mean a better iron shot. However, finding the ideal range for a golfer is how maximum results are achieved. 


With the driver, when you have a positive attack angle, the launch is increased, and it creates more launch and carry. In addition, the spin rate is also going to be lower. Essentially you can learn to hit the ball long and straight. In addition to swing changes that can impact the angle of attack, there are tweaks that True Spec fitting centers can make to your club to get your idea angle of attack range. 


When heading out for your next True Spec golf fitting, don’t forget to zero in on your ideal angle of attack.

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