What Is A Club Conex Club Fitting?

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Golf club fitting is only getting bigger by the day. Golfers see the importance of what a properly fitted golf club can do for their game. They realize that there is no reason to purchase new golf clubs without first ensuring they are the right fit. If you have never heard of a Club Conex club fitting and how it works, we have all the info you need. 


What Is Club Conex? 


Club Conex is a company that makes universal adapters for connecting golf club heads and shafts. With a Club Conex adapter in place you will be able to attach shafts and heads of different brands so that they can be tested. 


There are four different types of adapters that Club Conex sells. Although most are meant for club fitters, many avid golfers are starting to realize the benefit of the Club Conex adapters as well. 


The Club Conex P100 model even allows for shaft manipulation on the putter. This is a technology and a concept that is only going to continue to grow. 


Why Is A Club Conex Fitting Better? 


As interesting as the Club Conex fitting may seem, there are some real benefits for the club fitter and their customer. When you go for a fitting, you will notice that the standard adapters that come with each club are unique to the brand. 


Therefore if you want to try a TaylorMade head with a specific shaft, you will need another adapter to try that shaft in a Titleist head. 


This causes some issues when it comes to both time and product availability. It takes quite a bit of time for the fitter to create the other club option you want to try. The fitting location may not even have the proper equipment to allow you to try this option. 


Essentially when you go for a fitting where Club Conex is used, you will have access to a more significant number of club/shaft combinations, and they will only take seconds for you to be able to use them. 


Where Can I Get A Club Conex Club Fitting? 


Now that you can see the benefit of a Club Conex club fitting, it’s time to find one in your area. One of the most critical factors in a club fitting is the matrix that a fitter can access. The larger the matrix, the more options that you can try. 


True Spec Golf features a fitting matrix of more than 35,000 different combinations. One of the things that makes this possible are Club Conex. True Spec Golf does not need to stock nearly as much equipment to give their customers more choices than any other club fitter. 


Golfers should start paying a bit more attention to where they are getting their club fitting and what type of fitting it is. When club fitting first started, many of the companies were similar. Today, specific organizations, like True Spec Golf, have stepped up their game. The addition of new technologies that make the fitting experience more streamlined and more effective provides better value to the customer. Club Conex is a unique technology, and it will only continue to revolutionize the club fitting world.

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