How Often Do Juniors Need A Club Fitting?

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Junior golfers benefit from club fitting just as much as adult golfers. In fact, with the way a junior golfers’ game develops, it is essential to ensure they have the proper equipment in place. Many coaches and parents have one question about how often junior golfers must have a golf club fitting. At True Spec golf, we consider a few factors when deciding if it is time for a golf club fitting. Let’s take a look at how often juniors need a club fitting. 


How Often Do Junior Need A Club Fitting


There is no set rule for how often a junior golfer needs to have a club fitting. However, there are a few key factors to consider when scheduling a junior golfers club fitting. 

Annual Checkup

Junior golfers that are serious about their game may look into a club fitting as an annual checkup on their golf clubs. The annual checkup is a way to check in and ensure that the equipment is still in excellent working condition. 


The annual checkup is not always going to mean that you will update equipment. Sometimes it can just be a minor tweak, new golf grips, or an update on how the spin and carry distance change year after year. 

When junior golfers go for a club fitting, it is a learning experience about the capabilities of their game and where they are headed. 

Gap In Yardages

As junior golfers get stronger, they may notice that they are starting to have gaps in the yardages of their clubs. The more power a junior gets, the more clubs they will need in their bag. If all of a sudden there is a gap between the irons and the wedges or a gap between the irons and the driver, more clubs need to be added. 

A True Spect master fitter can give you information on why your golf clubs are traveling as far as they are and which ones you could add to make a bit change in your game. 

Growth Spurt 

Junior golfers that grow quite a bit will need a golf fitting. Sometimes juniors will grow an inch or more in a year, and this is going to have a big impact on their golf equipment. Typically junior golfers play with a club designed to fit a range of heights, but once these ranges are surpassed, it is time for new equipment. 

If you notice a junior golfer having to bend to reach their clubs, its’ time to head in for another fitting. 

Change In Ability Level 

Just as adults can change from being a high handicapper to a low handicapper, so can juniors. Some juniors play with a set of clubs that are meant to be forgiving beginner clubs. However, once this junior golfer starts to score and take the game seriously, a change of equipment is necessary. 


Changes in ability level are going o impact the type of equipment a golfer needs. As junior golfers progress, more and more equipment options will be available to them.


As you can see, there is no magic number when it comes to how often a junior golfer needs a club fitting. However, these four factors or indicators should give you a general idea s to when you should get your junior their next club fitting. 


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