What To Expect From A Senior Golf Fitting

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Golf fittings have become extremely important for a wide range of players. Senior golfers are finding that the fitting is the only way to tell if the equipment they are using in their game is providing the best possible results. Senior golf fittings can help with everything from a putter to a driver. As our bodies age and change, so will our golf games. By going to a senior golf fitting, you can ensure that your golf equipment is helping you keep your game to its highest standard. 

Preparing For A Senior Golf Fitting

Before your True Spec senior golf fitting, it is essential to keep a few things in mind. 

Stretch and Warm-Up 

You should never play a full round of golf prior to a senior golf club fitting. You will be slightly fatigued and starting to swing just a bit differently. You want to ensure that your golf swing is fresh and ready on the day of your senior golf fitting. 

Take just a few minutes and do some stretches and some controlled and comfortable golf swings to get yourself warmed up. If you do this before your fitting, you can move right into the critical process of analyzing your swing data. 


Always drink water before a golf fitting. You must stay hydrated for your body to work properly and swing the club the way you want it to. A golf club fitting may result in you taking just as many swings as you would in a round. 

Bring Equipment WIth You 

Always bring your current golf equipment with you to your senior golf fighting. The True Spec master fitter will compare your old equipment with the new equipment choices on the market. Then they will be able to you the differences between your current equipment and the new clubs you are testing out. 

Senior Golf Fitting Process 

The process of the senior golf fitting is quite simple. You will hit shots, and the Trackman or premium launch monitor will give you specific data about your golf swing. The True Spec master fitter will then analyze this data to put together club recommendations. 


True Spec senior golf fittings are brand agnostic, so you will learn about all different types of equipment and truly find a perfect match for your game. 

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