Do Beginners Need A Golf Fitting?

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Golf fittings are becoming more and more popular. Where they used to be an option before purchasing new equipment, it is now considered the norm. Beginners, however, are often on the fence as to whether or not a golf fitting is necessary. There are some critical factors to consider as a beginner ready to enter into the sport and make an equipment decision. Let’s take a deeper look into whether or not beginners need a golf fitting. 

Do Beginners Need A Golf Fitting 

There is no debating the fact that a beginner golfer will benefit from a golf fitting. However, there are expenses related to a golf fitting, and the equipment that golfers are fitted for may be a deterrent for some golfers. The benefits of a golf fitting will help the introduction into the game and the long-term skill and development of a golfer. Here are the reasons why beginners need golf fittings. 

Player Body Type and Height

One of the most fundamental reasons to go for a golf fitting is to find clubs that fit your height and body type. Golf clubs can be ordered custom to be longer or shorter. In addition, they can have flat or upright lie angles to help players that need adjustments due to their body type. 

Skill Level 

A True Spec master fitter can address your skill level and help you decide on the proper equipment. Some beginners have never played a sport before and find that making contact is challenging. However, some golfers are great athletes and will improve at an incredibly fast rate. 


Not all beginners need beginner golf equipment. However, if you don’t go for a golf fitting, how will you know this. Assessing your golf skill level and then correctly matching equipment to these skills will help a beginner be more successful. 

Equipment Advantages 

Golf is a challenging sport; however, some equipment is out there that makes it a bit easier. If you are a new golfer, chances are you don’t understand what this equipment is and whether or not it will be a fit for your game. 


Many beginner golfers unknowingly invest in golf equipment that is a bad fit for their skills. These mistakes can end up making the game extremely frustrating. So many new golfers end up quitting because they are not properly equipped from the start. 


So many golfers have this misunderstanding that a golf fitting will result in equipment that is higher in price and outside of the budget. However, you can tell your True Spec master fit your budget, and they can help you work within that. If they know you will not pay for a premium shaft upgrade, they won’t recommend one. 


Think about purchasing a beginner set for $400 and then realizing it is the wrong option for you three months later. If you had gone to a golf fitting, to begin with, and spent the extra money, you would not have wasted money on equipment that wasn’t the right fit and won’t last you a long time. 


The value of a beginner golf fitting is a strong reason to schedule your True Spec beginner golf fitting today. 


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