Does A 15 Handicap Need A Golf Fitting?

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Golf fittings are becoming more and more popular for players. However, not all golfers feel that a fitting is necessary. There are also players that don’t understand when they should be going for a fitting. If you have been wondering whether or not your 15 handicap game could benefit from a golf fitting, we have all the information you need to know. Let’s take a look at whether or not a 15 handicap needs a golf fitting. 


Does A 15 Handicap Need A Golf Fitting? 


A 15 handicap player would benefit significantly from a golf fitting. Golf club fittings allow players to use clubs that travel further, straighter, and higher than ever before. Having this kind of technology will ensure that you get the performance you need while on the golf course. Playing with the right golf equipment makes golf quite a bit more fun. 


However, not every 15 handicapper is ready to purchase new clubs, which can bring up some good questions about whether or not it is time for a golf fitting. Let’s take a look at some of the ways a golf club fitting can help without you even having to purchase a new set. 

Loft Gapping

Many 15 handicappers have 14 clubs in their bag and a host of other clubs sitting in their garage. When you go to a loft gap fitting with True Spec golf, you can find out if you are missing any yardages in your bag. There may be a few clubs where the distance between shots is more than 10 yards or even more than 20 yards. This is a major issue and can be fixed by tweaking current equipment or filling in with a new club. 

Golf Club Adjustments/Tweaks

Not all golf fittings need to lead to a new set of golf clubs. Many golfers go in for a fitting just to have the lie angle or length of a golf club changed. A golf fitting technician can change the lie or loft of a club you own and make it a better fit for your game. These tweaks are typically not very expensive, and they lead to a very quick impact on the golf game. 

Adjustable Golf Club Settings

Some golf clubs have adjustability built-in. The problem is that most players don’t know how to use this adjustability to help their game. It’s much easier to know what to do with your golf clubs from an adjustability standpoint after you have seen how they perform on a launch monitor and with a master fitter giving their opinion. 


Knowledge of Your Own Game 

Golf club fittings will give you knowledge and insight into your golf game that you did not have in the past. Having this first-hand knowledge can help you make decisions on the golf course, manage your golf game and understand what you need to work on. In many ways, because of the technology involved, a True Spec golf fitting can end up being more beneficial for your game than a golf lesson. 


The bottom line is that 15 handicapped golfers are going to benefit significantly from a golf fitting. If you want to enjoy yourself on the golf course and take your game to the next level, the 15 handicap golfer needs a fitting.  


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