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Does A 25 Handicap Golfer Need A Golf Club Fitting?

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You may hear from your friends and family that they went to a golf fitting and got the clubs that they need to suit the skills of their golf game. Have you ever questioned if this is something that you need for your game? So many golfers with a handicap higher than 25 think that a golf club fitting is a mistake. Players think that because their handicap is higher, the equipment used will not matter nearly as much. However, this is entirely untrue. Let’s take a look at what it is that makes golf fittings so beneficial and why a 25 handicap player should sign up for a golf fitting today. 

Do 25 Handicap Golfers Need A Golf Fitting? 

A 25 handicap golfer will significantly benefit from a golf fitting. The golf fitting will help ensure that the golf equipment in play is the proper length, has the correct lie angle, and maximizes the golfer’s strengths. 


Overall, 25 handicap golfers do not need to feel as though their clubs are difficult to hit. After a golf fitting, you may feel as though the game is more fun and enjoyable to play. There are several key benefits to a golf fitting that all golfers need to consider. 


Benefits of A Golf Fitting

Don’t assume that golf club fittings are only for players that are shopping for new clubs. If you are simply frustrated with your performance or curious about what a golf fitting is like, those are entirely acceptable reasons to go for a golf fitting. Not all golf fitting results in the purchase of a new set of golf clubs.

New Knowledge of the Game

A golf fitting will increase your knowledge of the game of golf. There is no question that going for a golf fitting will help you understand what spin is and how it impacts the game, how loft and lie angle improve performance and the overall benefit of playing with clubs that match your skill level. 


Next Steps To Become A Better Player

Many 25 handicap players want to get their handicap below a 20. This is understandable as 20 handicaps are typically playing bogey golf. If you are struggling with what changes you need to make in your game to make this transition to being a better player, a golf fitting can help. 


Golf fittings will help you increase the awareness you have about the strengths and weaknesses in your game, and that is a benefit for any player. 

Make the Game More Enjoyable 

Golf is hard, and playing with the wrong equipment only makes it harder. If you want to become a better player, start using the equipment that is best suited for your game. GOlf club fittings will help you see that there is more equipment on the market than you ever thought. This new equipment can help you improve your skills and increase the fun you have on the course. 


Overall, golf club fittings will help a golfer of any handicap; the only difference is that the reason you sign up for a fitting can change based on what you are looking for. 


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