Saquon Barkley Club Fitting: Three Key Takeaways

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Golf fittings are for everyone: new golfers, seasoned golfers, and even professional football players. Saquon Barkley recently stopped in at True Spec New York and did a fitting with a master club fitter. Saquon has some serious club head speed, but the goal is not always speed; sometimes, it needs to be controlled. There are some important things that we can learn from what went on during Saquons golf fitting; let’s take a look. 

Speed Is Not Everything

When you watch Sawuon Barkley swing, you can see that he has plenty of power. Many amateur golfers struggle to get enough power and distance in their golf swing, yet this is not an issue for Barkley. However, sometimes with this power, golfers will also have much larger misses. 


When club head speed is applied incorrectly, you end up with a shot that is quite far from the target line. For Saquon Barkley, the club fitting was an important way to try and gain more control and not more speed. Lower dispersion rates and better spin rates were the main goals. 


As you watch Saquon go through his fitting, you will notice that his swing does not change; however, his equipment does, and the ball flight is impacted dramatically. 

Club Head Is Nothing Without The Shaft 

The first part of the True Spec fitting goes through several different club heads to determine which one is the best for a golfer. However, even when you find a club head that is an excellent fit for your game, this is not the end of the golf fitting. 

Saquon found some clubs that felt great, but it wasn’t until the shafts were changed out and updated did he have that moment where everything started to click. The club head nor the shaft can work alone to give a golfer what they need. 


Great players understand that it is the combination of the shaft and the club head that will put together the perfect golf club set.


Understanding Golf Fitting Parameters Is Beneficial 

Prior to this golf club fitting at True Spec Golf, Barkley did not have much knowledge of golf club fitting and all that is involved. It took some great questions and discussion, but now Saquon feels more confident in where he wants his spin numbers, launch, speed, and ball flight to be. 


Having this level of understanding of your golf game can really help players narrow down what they need to work on to improve. Overall you will want to become a better player, but having this inside information can certainly make the road to great golf quite a bit shorter. 



It’s interesting to hear that Saquon Barkley thinks the game of golf is harder, and it challenges him. Isn’t that what keeps us all coming back to the golf course? As challenging as golf is, it really does make sense to put golf equipment in your bag that properly fits your golf game’s needs. There is legal equipment out there that can allow you to keep your swing and play better golf; schedule your True Spec golf fitting to find out what is best for you. 

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